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'‘Where there is ruin, there is hope for the treasure’ – USA reportage by Anna BAUER c/o MARKENFILM combining her passion for photography and adventure

Anna Bauer is a photographer based in Berlin with strong ties to New York, where she received her bachelor’s degree in photography and was lucky to work for photographers such as Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton, Matthew Hranek and Adam Friedberg.

Her project ‘Brothers’ led her to London and the National Portrait Gallery Photography Prize. One of the jurors hired her to photograph at London Fashion Week, which turned into a five-year project, ultimately resulting in the book ‘Anna Bauer Backstage’, designed by Fabien Baron and published by Angelika Taschen. The book presentation took place at the New Museum in Corso Como Milan and at Camera Work in Berlin.

When Anna is not busy photographing or working on her backstage Polaroid project, she could be found at the famous Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn where she used to box. She trained there, breaking a sweat together with the likes of Heather ‘The Heat’ Hardy or the legendary Hector Roca. She sparred with usher once, and Kanye West wrote a song about a conversation he once had with Anna in the forests of Paris. Victoria Beckham and her team booked Anna’s services for many years.

In 2014, she moved to Dublin and Glasgow to study for a master’s degree in fine art. Since 2019, Bauer has been living in Berlin and became the owner of ‘Kota’, her white Californian dog with whom she drove 4500 miles/ 7000 KM in March 2022 through the United States. The adventures included shady motels, the experience of driving along the Mexican wall at 10.20 pm and being gifted a metal bar for self defense.

We have a few impressions from her reportage for you here on GoSee – and you can find out more via MARKENFILM.
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‘New York’ – ongoing project by Jules ESICK c/o MARKENFILM

Jules is an award-winning photographer based in Berlin. Throughout his career, he has honed his skills, combining lifestyle and documentary, seeking to evoke genuine emotions in his photos. Marked by a deep authenticity, they reveal the raw beauty of life’s imperfections and the human experience. He strikes a bond with the world he captures with his lens and the beholder.

His style is entrusted by selected clients including Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW Motorrad, Lufthansa, Nike, Netflix, Porsche, Porsche Design, Skoda, Seat, Samsung, Globetrotter, Deutsche Bahn, AOK, Jägermeister, BVG Berlin, Vivo, Volksbank, ZDF… to name just a few.
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Timmo SCHREIBER c/o MARKENFILM photographs posters regularly for Hamburg’s ERNST DEUTSCH THEATER (graphics: The studios).

The new season is themed upon ‘Rays of Hope’. “We need spaces that create a better world. We new spaces for stories that are worth being told. The theater is just such a place. It is a place where we can create a world together with our audience for the duration of an evening that offers us refuge and gives us hope. We can ask questions, look for answers, and ignite understanding together. In the theater, we can create rays of hope…” the theater tells us, which sees itself as a forum for social conflict.
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