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News // 10 News by Markus Wendler

Trip to Transfagarasan - the SKODA CLEVER campaign photographed by MARKUS WENDLER in Bucharest as well as the most spectacular mountain route in Romania for Optimist Inc., Prague

MARKUS WENDLER photographed the SKODA Clever campaign this summer for the agency Optimist Inc. Prague. Creative responsibility was in the hands of CD Kai Grützmacher and Jakub Hanzlicek, with art buying taken care of by Tanja Braune and Anna Tosovska. The production companies were Tim Michel and Digital Spirit, with post by Akcent Prague.

Production took place in Bucharest as well as on the legendary Transfagarasan mountain route in Romania. The Transfagarasan Highway begins in the town of Căpățânenii Ungureni – part of the Arefu municipality – after which it reaches the hydroelectric power station of the Vidraru Dam. From there, the road begins to ascend, winding its way steeply up the valley of the Valea lui Stan stream over a few viaducts and passing through four tunnels. Two of the tunnels are around 100 meters long and are located directly in front of the dam of the Lake Vidraru reservoir. The road continues to climb along numerous serpentines…

The model series FABIA, FABIA COMBI, SCALA, KAMIQ, KAROQ, KODIAQ as well as OCTAVIA and OCTAVIA COMBI are now available in the extensively equipped CLEVER version. Since the very first days of the automotive industry, ŠKODA has developed and distributed innovative technologies and inventions.
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The global campaign for the new MERCEDES-BENZ SUV range photographed by MARKUS WENDLER for Publicis/Emil, London

On commission for Daimler AG and the bespoke agency of Mercedes-Benz – Publicis/Emil – MARKUS WENDLER realized the new MERCEDES-BENZ SUV range. “Each image is wide enough to showcase up to six vehicles in a modular system where they can be replaced and/or moved around. The modular system also gives Mercedes the flexibility of tailoring each ad to fit each specific location in a worldwide campaign,” says the photographer.

Creative Director was Fred Cilliers, art buying was taken care of by Sarah Jacobs, and in charge of production was Tim Michel & Sonda, with post production by Recom Farmhouse in London. We present you the motifs, on display at the moment in all corners of the globe, right here on GoSee. Several more works in the area of TRANSPORTATION can be seen on Markus’ website and on GoSee.
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MARKUS WENDLER presents the Japanese art of fencing, Kendo, and the new RS7 with thrilling meditative imagery in his transportation & lifestyle project, the ‘AUDI RS7 BOOK’

MARKUS WENDLER brings us a thrilling transportation & lifestyle project in the form of a book. Background: the launch of the new RS7. Wild and untamed or rather commanding and aesthetic? In the new Audi RS 7 Sportback, Coupé-like elegant design lines in tango red meet the brute force of the V8 TFSI engine. Innovative technology meets intuitive dynamics. Markus paired the vehicle with a Kendo fighter. Kendo is the modern version of the originally Japanese art of sword fighting, as learned and practiced by the Samurai – and is the epitome of determination, moral integrity and speed. Which brings us full circle back to the AUDI RS7 Sportback.

“It was originally a job for Audi and Philipp & Keuntje, for which I co-produced lots of content. The material has been used to generate everything from the catalogue to an ad and social media content. The book is my personal summary of the job in the form of a storyline, encompassing the entire project,” Markus tells GoSee. Plus, RAMP MAGAZINE presented the project on several double-page spreads.

Born and based in Germany, Markus Wendler is internationally recognized for his automotive and landscape photography. Markus graduated in 1998 from Fachhochschule Bielefeld, University of Applied Sciences, with a degree in Photography and Visual Communications and then went on to become an editorial photographer. In 2000, he kicked off his career in advertising. He lives with his wife, Heike, and their son Oskar in Hamburg.
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