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blog 'Pop can't be more than that.' The Cologne band KLEE is honored with the Holger Czukay Prize from the city of Cologne

The “Holger Czukay Prize for Pop Music of the City of Cologne”, worth 15,000 euros, will go to the band KLEE in 2023.

According to the city, the Holger Czukay Prize is the most valuable award in the field of pop music in Germany. The prize honors artists who have left their mark on Cologne through their work or who influence and shape current developments.

Englisch The jury explains its decision for the main prize as follows: “The KLEE group is constant in its ability to change. From pop to electro, from indie to neo-chanson, KLEE have played and shaped a wide variety of styles. Sten Servaes and Suzie Kerstgens combine their clear and catchy arrangements with pointed texts that describe conditions, allow for doubts, formulate criticism and give hope. Pop can't be more! What makes KLEE special is their honesty and independence. Characteristics that have brought the band into the charts and on major tours, as well as onto the indie stages and into the scene studios in the...

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