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Happiness is a piece of cake - MAISON MARSIL BOUTIQUE HOTEL, GOSEE & UPDATE wish you all a wonderful time - and say GoSee YOU in 2020 !

Hotel Marsil, GoSee, UPDATE ... we all want to thank you for a beautiful and successful 2019. We wish you a wonderful time with your loved ones and look forward to seeing you again in 2020. We present you a few impressions from our GoSee-Marsil-Alienor-Update year chock full of events and news.
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#EDUCATION IS OUR FUTURE : Pro Namibian Childreninvited to a charity gala with the Ambassador of Namibia, concert pianist Albert Lau and musical star Uwe Kröger at Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum and for a round of afterwork networking at MAISON MARSIL

At #EDUCATION IS OUR FUTURE, Pro Namibian Children e.V. invited to the first public event on 4 April, 2019, at the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum in Cologne. The organization supports the Omomas Care Center in the particularly poverty stricken south of Namibia, where every year around 120 orphans and street children find a home and, above all, are granted access to education. The evening with more than 280 visitors began with a special guided tour through the Museum of Ethnology and Nature, followed by a gospel hymn from Namibia, performed by Marie Enganemben.

Flown in from Berlin as the guest of honor was the Ambassador of Namibia, Andreas B.D. Guibeb. Following the invitation by chairman of the association Frank Pochert, who also acted as central coordinator of the event, were also Yvonne Gebauer, Minister of Education of North Rhine-Westphalia and Christian Kampen from Kf W Entwicklungsbank. In an entertaining panel of experts with Dr. med. Anja Huppertz, Chairman of the Board Pro Namibian and presenter Annica Hansen they discussed private commitment, its impact and, above all, the heart and soul associations like Pro Namibian Children e.V. and their sponsors and helpers put into such projects. The ambassador praised what he refers to as 'productive' tourism since many private Namibian travelers tend to develop their own initiatives to contribute after making their own experiences in the African country.

A further highlight was the musical program with internationally renowned musical actor Uwe Kröger and classical concert pianist Albert Lau on the Steinway grand piano – From Broadway To Hollywood. In addition, the volunteers of the Omoma Care Center prepared a film that granted insight into the work and everyday life in the orphanage.

After the official 'get together' with African finger food from Bunte Burger and drinks, a nightcap was served at the hotel bar of MAISON MARSIL, where initiators, the Ambassador, artists and friends had the chance to review the beautiful and very entertaining evening in a private atmosphere. As the event photographer, Jannis Schilling c/o Peter & Pablo supported the evening.

GoSee and also the Hotel Marsil gladly support Pro Namibian Children e.V. by raising awareness for its work and projects. As it was put it so nicely during the podium discussion: 'If your own refrigerator is full, you can support others who have been born into a system without compulsory school attendance and without a perspective for the future.' Which is why we suggest: Just show initiative because every little bit helps, and you even get a donation receipt on top. #EDUCATION IS OUR FUTURE!

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BANRAP & TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT invite to a 'PHOTO SOIREE' at MAISON MARSIL in parallel to Photokina – proceeds go to Pro Namibian Children e.V.

BANRAP + TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMGMT, two renowned Cologne-based photo agents who realize domestic and international photo campaigns with their artists, presented for PHOTOKINA in Cologne the latest works from the portfolio of 12 internationally active photo artists. A special edition of the works on display was available for purchase that evening. The signed high-end prints sold like hot cakes for the price of a donation. Several clients and friends of the agencies took them up on the invitation. GoSee presents you several impressions from a lovely evening.

The Photo Soirée was supported by MEGALAB, the GoSee PR BUREAU and HOTEL MARSIL. Proceeds from the event go to Pro Namibian Children e.V., the Cologne-based association for the promotion of children and young people in the particularly poverty stricken south of Namibia. The association is led by chairman Frank Pochert, a friend of Maison Marsil who was a guest this evening. He is often on site in Namibia where he organized a gala at the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in April 2019 to raise further donations.

Pro Namibian Children e.V. is committed mainly to the Omomas Care Center, a home to more than 90 children who visit the connected state St. Patrick's Primary School. "We promote the independence of children and prepare them for life's daily demands and challenges. In addition to a school education, we support these children in improving their personal, social and technical skills so that they can make the most of life's opportunities." says the association. "To finance the running costs, we depend on every donation and are very grateful for any financial support. In 2018, we hope to expand the pilot project "Garden". Donations in the form of clothing or, at the moment, of English-language books for the library are very welcome."

MAISON MARSIL was opened in 1999 by Cyrus C Halabian & Frank Schmitz in the monument-protected ensemble. Pro Namibian Children e.V. and we would like to sincerely thank all participating photographers who provided their work for the event and numerously attended the evening.

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