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news featured by B&A REPS Germany Devoted to damn good tacos – Wolfgang ZAC c/o B&A REPS GERMANY photographs and films the PINK TACO ‘23 campaign

This isn’t Chef’s Table. This is Pink Taco. When anyone goes for a taco, it’s to chow down – it’s cannonballing into comfort-food-on-the-couch time. Grab the hot sauce and some goggles. So when PINK TACO hired Wolfgang ‘Wolfie’ ZAC c/o B&A REPS GERMANY for their new stills and motion campaign, they said the words every photographer dreams of hearing – go for it Wolfgang, shoot what you like.

“Wolfie likes it real. Real big. Real tasty. Real fun. Who doesn’t love tacos? Except if you’re gonna try and be fancy about it. So on a one-day photo and video shoot in DC with a diverse range of characters from NYC who Wolfie knew would be no-holding-back taco-hounds, it was on your marks, get set, chow.” B&A REPS GERMANY.

It was an elbow deep, sauce spilling out the other end, who can take the biggest bite, sip my pineapple, link arms for a taco slam, lick the plate kind of shoot. And for dessert, all the pics that were Wolfgang’s favorite, were the clients’ too. The biggest, baddest,...

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