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news featured by Double T Photographers DIE DA OBEN! talks about politics for people under thirty - Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T Photographers portrays presenters Aline Abboud, Victoria Reichelt and Jan Schipmann

Bundestag, aka Germany’s lower house of parliament, is on fire! During the plenary weeks, several hundred members of parliament from six different congressional factions talk about a plethora of issues that concern us all. They debate, argue, scream at one another… and laugh occasionally – without hardly anyone even noticing.

And even though these issues directly impact our everyday lives, our politicians can’t manage to get people under thirty on board, or interested in their work for that matter. It’s all too long and dry, way too stuffy and not digital enough.

The result: A lot of young people haven’t got the slightest notion what ‘the people up there’ are actually doing or what a typical day of politics in parliament is even like.

DIE DA OBEN! is here to change that : Jan Schipmann (INFORMR) and Aline Abboud (ZDF heute) sum up Bundestag debates in a compact humorous way that’s always informative. Whether about protecting the climate or refugee policy, education or our healthcare:...

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