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featured by Winteler Production : Lari Thome for HARPER’S BAZAAR UKRAINE with photographer Tobias WIRTH and produced by WINTELER PRODUCTION

Fashion photographer Tobias WIRTH c/o BOSCHtoBANRAP realized a spread for HARPER’S BAZAAR UKRAINE with Lari Thome from Mirrrs Models. Production was in the hands of GoSee Member WINTELER PRODUCTION.

Styling was taken care of by Tianyang Li, with opulent hair styles and glossy 80s make-up by Melanie HOPPE von BLOSSOM MGMT. Besides production management, the production company was also in charge of putting together the entire creative team. Serving as the location was the yoga and martial arts studio, Chimosa Berlin.

Sophisticated, elegant and provocative, Harper’s BAZAAR is the style resource for women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture, luxury to lifestyle, art and interiors, with a storied 150-year history and over 40 international editions. With authority and insider insight, Harper’s BAZAAR showcases the work of visionary stylists, expressive photographers and talented designers.
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featured by SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT : ‘Versions of Us’ - Ronald Dick c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management photographs for AUTRE Magazine issue 12: ‘THE DOPPELGANGER’ Spring 2021

“Autre magazine is pleased to announce the release of the Doppelgänger issue, a deep dive into the work of artists, writers, musicians exploring identity and alter egos in a time of multiplicity and duality. Spanning four covers, 300+ pages, and a free poster from Ex Libris entitled ‘Word Sisters’, we examine a dichotomic zeitgeist and invite readers to imagine a new version of themselves in a post-pandemic age.

This issue includes a 20+ page examination of Jamaican dancehall culture with two cover stories – one with legendary music producer Lee “Scratch” Perry, and one with stylist and artist Akeem Smith. With collages by Nick Sethi and text by Katja Horvat, we take a virtual trip to the beaches of Negril and the capital of Kingston for a conversation that spans generations and the cosmos.” We read on the website of the digital and print magazine from Los Angeles all about global art, fashion and culture.

The ‘Versions of Us’ editorial was photographed by Ronald Dick c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management for Kreativ mag. Art direction: Alex Venndt, styling: Fashion Director of Autre Mag Toby Grimditch, styling assistant: Hakan Solak, hair : Attila Kenyeres, make-up: Nina Park, casting: Kyra Sophie & Ananya Nisbet, production: Laura Howes, photo assistants: Pau Cegarra & Lothar Reisch, make-up assistant: Melanie Hoppe, hair assistant: Sabine Hoegerl.
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featured by SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT : ‘Teen Spirit, Down to Business’ – photographed for NUMÉRO Berlin by Daniel ROCHÉ c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management

SHOTVIEW : “Generation Z does not care about the dos and don’ts of fashion. The dusty rules don’t count anymore. They go about their business, and they have fun doing so, without taking themselves all too seriously. And that’s precisely what happens with their looks, too. Here comes the businesswear of the new power players and game changers.”

Creative direction : Götz Offergeld, Styling : Alexander Gabriel, Styling Assistant : Florian Winges, Grooming : Melanie Hoppe, Set Design : Sandro De Mauro, Casting Director : Timi Letonja, Casting Assistant : Vxeast, Post Production : Nittygritty Berlin.
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