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news featured by 7 Seas Productions 7 SEAS PRODUCTIONS team up with Director Gerd George to realize AUDI e-tron films against a magnificent Alpine backdrop in Chamonix, the magical triangle between France, Italy and Switzerland

Chris Bengsch and his team from 7SEAS and 7MOUNTAINS PRODUCTIONS joined forces with photographer and director Gerd George c/o Kai Tietz to stage the brand-new AUDI e-tron against a magnificent Alpine backdrop in Chamonix. The Audi e-tron project was a self-financed job, realized with volunteers from the production cosmos. And the result is a must-see. It was all produced from Chamonix, but the team was also on the road in Italy and Switzerland.

Chamonix (France) is located in a region where three countries meet. It is connected with Italy by the Mont Blanc Tunnel, and Switzerland is just beyond the Montet Pass. Each are within a half-hour distance. The fully electric feature of the car has opened a lot of location doors, such as a dam in the Swiss Alps or an avalanche tunnel in France.

“7SEAS / 7MOUNTAINS PRODUCTIONS has extensive experience in the details and requirements for shooting world-class car commercials, having worked with automotive heavyweights over the years including...

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