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featured by BEN & MARTIN : BEN & MARTIN photograph the MERCEDES-BENZ T Class campaign for Preuss und Preuss with a good vibe mix in Cape Town

Straight to the top – The T Class is the gateway to the world of Mercedes-Benz, above all for families and people who not only like their day nice and full – but also a full car. Mercedes-Benz has big plans for its new premium small van : The T Class is designed to climb straight to the top of the segment and give the established competition a good look at its tailgate from now on.

Booked by PREUSS & PREUSS to realize the various launch campaigns was the internationally renowned photographer team BEN AND MARTIN, a.k.a BAM, specialized in Transportation x Emotion.

Together with the creatives from PREUSS UND PREUSS, they took the shoot to Cape Town, the result of which is a fresh good vibe mix staging the premium & lifestyle character of the new Mercedes-Benz T Class in emotional and authentic imagery. Production was in the hands of Kai Tietz, who was supported by Cape Town Productions. The look & feel were created in cooperation with Digitales Leben.

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featured by Matthew Jones : MATTHEW JONES photographs ‘Midnight Club: Los Angeles’ with the new TOYOTA GR86 sports car, influenced by Japanese automobile culture

Photographer Matthew Jones, specialized in transportation and lifestyle, was born at the end of the 1980s and spent his childhood exploring the art of photography by breaking cameras and burning through rolls of film. He presents us his hobbyhorse, Japanese car photography, in his new series ‘Midnight Club: Los Angeles’, an authentically photographed tribute to this art form.

Even before I was old enough to drive, I had always been fascinated with Japanese car culture… yet little did I know that this fascination would eventually span my entire adult life. From shooting my friend’s souped-up cars as a teenager, to working as a photo editor for a JDM car magazine (Super Street), or now even, when I recently made the irresponsible decision of purchasing a Honda S2000 so I could go to the suburban car meets with my other middle-aged friends.

With this history in mind, it’s hard to imagine that Toyota’s latest plug-and-play drift mobile, the GR86, would be able to fly under my radar. And since I’ve been watching this new platform make waves from afar, I’ve also been steadily trying to find a way to incorporate my car culture origins into a modern aesthetic that I truly believe in – blurring lines and racing through the streets of Downtown L.A..

Turning to the origins of the original Toyota Corolla AE86 and drawing influence from old Japanese car clubs, I wanted to create a series that not only represents a modern take on JDM car culture but depicts the 2023 GR86 in the exact way it makes me feel every time I see it on the road.

In addition to the background of the concept, I also chose to shoot the entire project on small-sensor, point-and-shoot cameras, ranging from 8 to 10 megapixels for an extra layer of authenticity.

Presenting: MIDNIGHT CLUB. Please enjoy.” Sincerely, Matthew Jones

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featured by BEN & MARTIN : BEN & MARTIN : Photograph the all-new VOLKSWAGEN ID.5 campaign for DDB VOLTAGE OMC - Part#2 here for you on GoSee

VOLKSWAGEN presents the new and all-electric VW ID.5 plus its sportier GTX version. To realize the various launch campaigns, DDB VOLTAGE OMC commissioned Cologne-based photographer team BEN & MARTIN, a.k.a BAM – specialized in transportation x emotion.

Nature, architecture, the cityscape, … together with the creatives from DDB VOLTAGE, the production took them down south: Destination: Spain, a country as sunny as it is multifaceted. The result is a fresh and modern mix, which emotionally stages the lifestyle and premium character of the VW ID.5 models against thrilling backdrops.

“The VW ID.5 combines a sporty, elegant coupé design with the qualities of the ID. family: the versatility of an SUV and the sustainable performance of an electric vehicle – that can be updated over-the-air and is ready to redefine e-mobility.” VOLKSWAGEN.

Production was under the executive of Kai Tietz, who was supported by Sonda Productions. Styling was in the hands of Mafer Navas, and hair & makeup were taken care of by Olivia Marcos. The look & feel were created in collaboration with Digitales Leben.

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