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news Professional Meets Experimental – the MIERSWA-KLUSKA creative team in an interview, and stop by their booth at UPDATE-24-BERLIN

Mierswa-Kluska, and now mplusk films, stand for high-end stills and motion in the areas of cosmetics, interior, jewelry and watches. In dynamic imagery, they stage cosmetic textures, special effects and beauty products from all corners of the globe.

What’s so exciting, even challenging about beauty, an area you have quite clearly mastered? Our approach has obviously always been to find out-of-camera solutions for whatever the briefings demand first. Especially for the scenes with science symbols – you sometimes have to dig around in your old physics experiment kit to find things like that – but also surprising tricks for set construction and good teamwork with the people from SFX are extremely important.

For product shots, the robots and synchronization of the effects meanwhile play a major role. Finally, the challenge is often simply trying to fit all of the filmed scenes into fifteen seconds in a way that makes sense.

The world of cosmetics reflects the zeitgeist and brings...

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