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Mondlicht Studios

CGI · Post Production · Retouch
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Mondlicht Studios

CGI · Post Production · Retouch

Burgstr. 3, DE, 75378, Bad Liebenzell Stuttgart


CGI Studio based in Germany with an extensive automotive background, Co-Founder & employees with 15+ years experience in advertising industry, Promax Global Excellence and Promax North America Winners, Clio Entertainment Winners, 200 best digital artists in 2021, 2022, 2023 ...
Multiple winners Motion Design Awards, Epic Games (Unreal Engine) certified service partner

2023 Judges at NY Advertising Awards, Vega Digital Awards, Promax North America Speakers at Maxon, Unhide School, Epic Games, .... (show less)


news MONDLICHT STUDIOS presents the AI & CGI Master Class AICGI.ACADEMY ‘Capture the future – create stunning images with AI & CGI’ held by Dmitry Bocharov

The award-winning CGI studio is behind the master class AICGI.ACADEMY ‘CREATE STUNNING IMAGES WITH AI AND CGI’ – where you’ll learn how to combine the two to create an efficient, technology-driven workflow with real applications.

The master class is held by Dmitriy Glazyrin (MONDLICHT STUDIOS) and Dmitry Bocharov (CTC CREATIVE STUDIO) – and is intended for all ADs, CDs, photographers, CGI artists, DOPs, directors… Simply everyone looking to optimize their workflow.

“In our master class, we show the capabilities of AI to streamline the entire creative process, from initial concept to final post production. We explore the fundamentals of concept development and how AI can rapidly transform your ideas into vivid, real-world images. Learn the workflow for transferring these concepts to CGI and post production for a seamless creative process,” says Dmitriy Glazyrin, MONDLICHT STUDIOS.

Meet the instructors – where photography and CGI meet expertise! With 20+ years of combined experience,...

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