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‘Cycling Fun - Safe E-biking’ – the illustrated cycling campaign for more safety on the Pedelec by Fran LABUSCHAGNE c/o MAKING PICTURES on GoSee

“Fran was asked to create these fantastic illustrations for this safe cycling campaign in Germany. Cycling Fun – Safe E-biking aims to make riding on the Pedelec safer. Radspaß is a cooperation between Württembergischer Radsportverband (WRSV) and the General German Bicycle Club Baden-Württemberg (ADFC),” says MAKING PICTURES.

The Cycling Fun – Safe E-biking initiative by Ökomedia from Stuttgart is aimed at making riding a Pedelec even safer. Developed with the support of the Department for Transport were driver safety training sessions for e-bike beginners because several cyclists are involved in serious or even fatal accidents each year. Fran LABUSCHAGNE c/o MAKING PICTURES was commissioned to realize the motifs.

The focus is on the experience and fun of cycling – the emotional approach not only appeals to a great number of interested best-agers but also professional cyclists, cargo bike users and eco-friendly bike riders.

Fran Labuschagne is a South African Illustrator & Animator. Her work is often inspired by playful themes and humorous notes. She has a particular love for characters, soft colors and chocolate. Fran likes to travel and can be found working from a different country every so often. Working with local and international brands alike, she aims to create bold and colorful illustrations with a touch of charm. In addition, her clients include easyJet Traveller, The Daily Telegraph, Cincinnati Magazine and many more.
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Knowledge Walls for various NGOs, illustrated by MAKERS COMPANY c/o MAKING PICTURES

MAKING PICTURES presents you a selection of latest works by the illustration duo from Cape Town: “MAKERS COMPANY worked with various NGO’s to create a variety of ‘knowledge wall’ illustrations showing the areas of work they do all over the world. Makers Company are a studio of makers, artists and designers based in Cape Town, South Africa. They strive to challenge perspectives and solve all the world’s problems through innovative and well crafted imagery, creating work that is honest, fun and inspiring. Collectively, they’ve collaborated with a diverse range of brands, agencies and magazines across the globe such as Nike, IBM, Coca-Cola, Wired, Time & British Airways. Their specialties include illustration, design, iconography and motion graphics.”
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Surreal animated films for Macallan whisky and illustrated packaging design by illustrator Albane SIMON c/o MAKING PICTURES for ‘La Maison du Whisky’ on GoSee

Albane SIMON c/o MAKING PICTURES whisks us with her collagen, illustrations and animations away to the enchanting and often surreal dream worlds. Here on GoSee, we present you her animated film for Macallan whisky plus the illustrated packaging design for ‘La Maison du Whisky’.

“Albane’s imagination unfolds in a world of strange, surrealist figures. Mixing vintage and fantasy, she stages apocalyptic themes within whimsical settings packed with evocative details. Creating a style in which antique tragedy and futurist delirium intertwine. An unconditional lover of Hip-hop, Albane seeks her inspiration from primary sources. The independent labels of the Californian coast have become the post-modern muses of her first creations. In return, she has produced a number of timeless collages to illustrate concert posters, as well as the album covers of international artists whose rhythms have inspired her work.”

The company LA MAISON DU WHISKY was founded in the mid-20th century, and within 50 years, has accumulated a wide variety of whisky from Scotland. Georges Bénitah established the business in 1956, making it the pioneering dynamic front runner of the French whisky world.
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