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news Wolfgang STAHR c/o NERGER M&O photographs the 28th Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair for WELTKUNST plus a personal Hawaii motif

“Fortunately, Bamberg was largely spared during the Second World War and still had a ready supply of art and antiques – this coincided with an ever-growing demand for much sought-after antiques, especially among the art-loving Americans stationed there. Senger Bamberg Kunsthandel recalls that antique clocks were extremely popular. From these small beginnings grew what is today a major center for antiques in a city dedicated to the arts and culture. Dealers and collectors of antiques alike feel right at home in the baroque city of Bamberg!” Fiona Freifrau Loeffelholz von Colberg, from the Association of Bamberg Art and Antique Dealers.

For the magazine WELTKUNST, photographer Wolfgang STAHR c/o NERGER M&O visited the 28th edition of the Bamberg Art and Antiques Fair.

“Each year, BAMBERG is host to the Art and Antiques Fair, during which for many years, Wolfgang Stahr has photographed a special photo spread of the city for WELTKUNST.” Claudia Nerger.

Plus, we present you personal work...

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