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Jan KORNSTAEDT c/o NERGER M&O photographs and plays (!) at the OUTREACH MUSIC Festival in Tyrol by founder, jazz musician and music instrument maker Franz Hackl

Jan KORNSTAEDT c/o NERGER M&O photographed (and played!) at this year’s OUTREACH MUSIC Festival in Schwaz/Tyrol. The festival has been organized by Tyrol-born and New York-based trumpeter Franz Hackl since back in 1993. The photos show Marie and Markus Finkler, Peter Oswald, Thorsten Wilrodt and, of course, Franz Hackl.

Since 1993, musicians have been invited to the festival each year to teach participants on one hand but also to make music together in different formations. Embracing the ethos ‘Boost the Taste of Everyone", big names from the jazz and rock world, DJs and music producers come together in Schwaz to bring people what they refer to as ‘living music’. The musical program of the Outreach Festival is aimed at offering original and distinctive content. This eclectic mix is meanwhile appreciated by festival visitors from all over Austria.

Franz Hackl, whose father is a classical trumpeter and instrument maker, not only learned how to play the trumpet from his dad but also how to build the instrument. At the early age of fourteen, he became a trumpet soloist with the Original Tyrolean Kaiserjäger, taking him on several tours of North America. What did Jan Kornstaedt play at the festival? Well this time, it was guitar for the transcultural performance project LUKULE with emerging Hamburg artists with a variety of different visions and backgrounds under the direction of Mable Preach. GoSee : outreachmusic.org
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NEW WORK – Wolfgang STAHR c/o NERGER M&O photographed the latest cover story for the magazine ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST on the topic of ‘Working at home and living in the office?’

“Ever since graduating with a diploma in Photo and Film Design from FH Bielefeld in 1996, Wolfgang STAHR c/o NERGER M&O, based in Frankfurt am Main, has been busy photographing for international magazines and advertising clients. And now presents the cover story for AD magazine on the umbrella topic of ‘NEW WORK – working at home and living in the office?” GoSee : ad-magazin.de//newwork
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