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Advertising • PEPSI Commercial featuring DJ Marshmello for the UEFA Champions League Final with local support from GLAM PRODUCTION in Los Angeles for WEARESOCIAL

24.06.2021 • GLAMPR was the local production company in Los Angeles for WEARESOCIAL and the PEPSI commercial featuring DJ Marshmello. “We created a fast-paced film that sees superstar DJ Marshmello weighing up his options for his next show, with a little help from a few soccer legends. The big reveal? The UEFA Champions League final. With the world deprived of both sporting and music events over the past year, the campaign built on this anticipation to promote one of the biggest shows of 2021,” WEARESOCIAL tells us.

BIG Thank you to @wearesocial and @pepsi for producing this epic commercial with us. With only one year delay – it was finally time for the launch of DJ Marshmello’s trailer to headline the first-of-its-kind UEFA Champions League Final opening ceremony presented by Pepsi (Exec Producer @jolumb Creative Director Kenneth Moore, Senior Producer @jennifer_lawlor, Production Manager @annabeljheath, Director @itscourtneyp, Set Design @larkdove, Drone Operator @ummagawd, Stylist Dianne Garcia, Local Production @Glamprcom).

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Advertising • ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR image film by Director Rosalie Di Natale c/o FREDA+WOOLF on GoSee NEWS

23.06.2021 • Rosalie Di Natale c/o FREDA+WOOLF shows the story and the staff behind ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR in this portrait film (DOP: Jens Sage, Post: The Smiling Wolves). The eyewear label by Andreas Pirkheim (better known as Andy) and Wolfgang Scheucher (the Wolf in the company name) put their heart and soul into design, form, color and comfort while guaranteeing impeccable quality. ANDY WOLF Eyewear is special – it’s eyewear for every personality.

An idea between friends… that was the beginning of ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR. Our eyewear label was founded in 2006 by Andreas Pirkheim (better known as Andy) and Wolfgang Scheucher (the Wolf in our name). ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR started small, but with a big vision – of combining local and traditional eyewear craftsmanship with contemporary, innovative design. Our designer gems are now worn and loved all over the world. ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR is now available in 69 countries, a number which is steadily increasing! What do we think of our success? In one word: Great!

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Advertising • Sold Out! - Qaher HARHASH c/o ICONIC in the JEAN PAUL GAULTIER ‘Les Marins’ 2021 campaign at the side of supermodel Bella Hadid; we have the spot for you on GoSee.NEWS

23.06.2021 • We present you ICONIC boy Qaher Harhash in the new JEAN PAUL GAULTIER ‘Les Marins’ 2021 campaign. In the spot, he can be seen at the side of supermodel Bella Hadid and Omar Sesay. The one-minute spot is as wonderfully kitschy as can be expected and whisks us away to an underwater world chock full of sensual pleasure with Bella in the role of the super-mermaid wooed by all. But as they say, … you never know.

The label is in the middle of reinventing itself, but without losing its DNA in the process. After Jean Paul Gaultier retired as a Designer in 2020, the Paris-based label is now presenting with its ‘Les Marins’ collection the designs of Alan Crocetti, Lecourt Mansion, Marvin M’Toumo, Ottolinger, and Palomo Spain – and that with enormous success. According to the website, the collection is already completely sold out. GoSee :

Designers: Jean Paul Gaultier, Alan Crocetti, Marvin M'Toumo, Ottolinger, Nicolas Lecourt Mansion.
Director: Charlotte Wales
Creative Director: Florence Tetier
Fashion director/stylist: Georgia Pendlebury
Hair stylist: Yann...

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Advertising • ‘Its Your Turn Now’ – the recruiting campaign for volunteers of THW, photographed and filmed by Klaus MERZ c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN

22.06.2021 • Technische Hilfswerk (THW) is committed to the cause of providing technical aid in Germany and abroad. But that takes a lot of strong hands to achieve. And you can only get new members on board with an emotional campaign, which not only honors the helpers already participating but also inspires new volunteers to join THW. Klaus MERZ c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN was commissioned by Orca Campaign to realize visuals for the campaign which was on display across Germany.

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Advertising • ‘Individual Is Better’ – Arthur MEBIUS c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN realizes a campaign (commercials & print) for the UBS Group and Publicis Zurich

22.06.2021 • UBS is launching a new range of banking products with ‘UBS me’ – individually made-to-measure for all of your financial needs. The campaign conceived by Publicis Zurich presents a tongue-in-cheek dramatization of how the new banking package can benefit young people and students. The perfect candidate for this visualization : Arthur MEBIUS c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN, who not only directed the spot but also shot the print motifs.

Responsible at Publicis Zurich : Sascha Fanetti, Jan Kempter, Nina Martens, Nina Nesnidal, Linda David (creation), Judith Schnigula, Joas Landis (consulting), Roger Oberholzer, Angelina Tovirac (strategy), Suzana Kovacevic (integrated producer). Production of digital advertising media : Prodigious Zurich.

UBS Group AG is a major Swiss Bank headquartered in Zurich. It is among the worldwide largest asset management banks. The name was originally formed as an acronym from French Union de Banques Suisses and Italian Unione di Banche Svizzere, later also Union Bank of Switzerland in English. GoSee :

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