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PROD & LOCATION NEW at GoSee : I LIKE IBIZA PRODUCTIONS, we present you a first selection of artwork for HARPER’S BAZAAR Espana featuring Esther Cañadas, as well as Galvan London, Spell and Harvey Nichols

14.09.2023 • We are thrilled to introduce I LIKE IBIZA – a boutique production company based in Ibiza and specialized in fashion and lifestyle productions.

I like is service-oriented, fast and fun to work with – so we have heard. This most certainly has to do with the pleasant atmosphere during the entire production process – not to mention the results.

Location expertise makes them a cut above the rest : They are proud to keep discovering hidden gems. With their knack for location scouting and deep roots in all things Ibiza, they promise to show you this equally stunning and one of a kind island like never before. Its great diversity, both of culture and landscape, enable them to offer a broad range of scenarios and unique locations – so you can find that one exact spot that fits your brief to a tee.

Specialty = Fashion and Lifestyle : It doesn’t matter if you’re a creative agency, a magazine, fashion or lifestyle brand – their specialized knowledge is made to measure for your industry. And that paired with one of their greatest fortes: reliability. As a dynamic duo with more than fifteen years...

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AGENCIES VISUALEYES ARTISTS expands its portfolio to include AI photography and celebrates the first AI artists agency in Switzerland by throwing a summer party with the creative industry

12.09.2023 • The renowned Swiss artists’ agency VISUALEYES with a focus on photographers, illustrators and 3D-artists, is taking an important step in the industry and is expanding its portfolio to include artificial intelligence in the area of photography ( The pioneering innovation was presented at a successful summer party that took place on 31 August, 2023 in Zurich.

The event was a great success, attended by more than 50 guests from the creative industry and well-known personalities such as Frank Bodin, Philipp Skrabal (Farner), Uwe Schlupp (KSP) as well as representatives from agencies and clients such as EWZ, RufLanz, Thjnk, JvM/Zurich, Heimat, SBB, Zimmermann Communications, Lalique, Branders, Family, Stories and many more. Numerous artists from VisualEyes also joined in the celebration.

The addition of AI prompters to the range of services provided by VisualEyes marks a milestone. Since it was founded back in 2007, VisualEyes has established itself under the executive of Natalija Fallocca-Bajri as one of the leading agencies for artist representation and photo production...

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ILLU Illustrator representation SEPIA is delighted to welcome NEW entry Lina Disciplina: Elegant illustrations for branding, magazines and advertising

12.09.2023 • Up until now, Lina Disciplina has been better known in her home country Lithuania, where she has already made a name for herself in the areas of culture, music and fashion – for instance, for the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre (LNOBT) or even the country’s largest international film festival.

Her sensitive and elegant photos are just as popular for branding as for magazines and on billboards. Multitalented Lina is now putting out her creative antennas – and looks forward to working with international companies.

“And we are glad to support her as her representation!” Anja Laame, CEO SEPIA.

Since 2012, SEPIA has been representing handpicked illustrators from all over Europe. Our offer goes out to designers from international advertising agencies and publishing companies.

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AGENCIES 2Agenten, Anyday, Emeis Deubel, 70Seven – BUBIG is delighted about NEW members and informs you on GoSee.News about workshops, new board members … and says thank you UPDATE23BERLIN

12.09.2023 • The German Association of Image Creators – or BUBIG – emerged from the German special-interest association of representatives for photographers and illustrators (RFI e.V.) founded in 1992. At the moment, it is delighted – following a successful UPDATE SALON – about the influx of new members from the areas of illustration, photography, film & production… for instance, 2Agenten, Anyday, Emeis Deubel and 70Seven.

“Participating in UPDATE gave us the perfect opportunity for a constructive exchange. Both within the industry and with the Bubig members who participated. Thank you UPDATE.” Tobias Bosch, BUBIG.

BUBIG is taking this opportunity to tell you about its workshops. Recently, workshops were held on the topics of the use of LinkedIn, AI as well as the presentation of a software manufacturer for tracking image rights violations.

And there are new board members who now support the production area among affiliated members : Andreas Krogmann (Alwayseverything) and Arne Weingart (Lunik) look forward to their new responsibilities.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to join BUBIG....

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AGENCIES UNDER ARMOUR - the new sports series by KY&BA c/o CLAUDIA BITZER for you on GoSee.NEWS

05.09.2023 • KY&BA presents with UNDER ARMOUR its new sports series : “They take it far beyond the athletic aspect this time and pair the dynamic appearance of model Henry Suobere with selected elements of landscape, architecture and lifestyle.” says Claudia Bitzer.

KY&BA, aka Kylian & Bastien, are a creative duo from France. They’ve been best friends since high school, have always been bubbling with creative ideas – and continue to dream about great adventures to this day.

“For several years, we have had the opportunity to work with different clients and industries around the world. Today, our focus is on what we truly love: automotive, sports and lifestyle. We have the desire to limitlessly share our very own vision.

Since the beginning, being creative has been a thrilling experience for us. Each project is an exciting new challenge where we can push the boundaries of our creativity. Working as a duo enables a unique approach and seamless workflow. This symbiosis is what makes us special.” KY&BA.

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