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Agencies • CONTIART presents you REEBOK X DECATHLON plus personal work by photographer and director Yannis Nivault, Paris

30.11.2021 • Yannis NIVAULT c/o CONTIART photographed, among others, French male model Chatelain Hyacinthe as well as model Virginie Vienco for REEBOK x DECATHLON. The executive agency was R2 Agence Digitale with Creative Director Nicolas Lasjaunias. Grooming: Stephanie Jacquet.

Self-taught in the early days of his career, Yannis developed his keen eye afterwards alongside international photographers over the course of more than five years. Today, he is an internationally sought-after photographer represented by the agency ContiArt, Paris.

Yannis meanwhile works for clients including Adidas, Reebok, Damart, Simone Pérèle, Longchamp, la Halle, Maison Labiche, Gala magazine, Biotherm, l’Oréal, Mise au Green, Sergent Major, La Cravate française, and many more.

ContiArt : “He also collaborates with Citizen K magazine to make fashion films in the form of a pastille for use on social networks. In 2017, Yannis began honing his skills in the area of moving images and directed his first short film entitled ‘Plastic Western’. In 2019, he co-directed the documentary ‘Éloqu’en Scène’ with his cousin which

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post • NEW at GoSee : SILVER GRAPES, post production, Berlin, offers you an all-inclusive, no-worries package of post production, on-location support, proofs & art direction – a transportation & celebrity portfolio to start with on GoSee

25.11.2021 • New at GoSee is post production company SILVER GRAPES from Berlin, which was founded by Carina Fiehn and Philipp Hochgesand, who have not only worked hand-in-hand for many years – they are also privately a dream team. We are delighted to introduce them here on GoSee with a selection of latest works. And took the opportunity for a short interview :

Tell us a bit about your background : “Philipp studied Graphic Design in London, Carina Communication Design in Hamburg. After graduating, we both immediately started working at ZERONE (Philipp 2004, Carina 2012). That’s also where we met and soon noticed that we not only clicked professionally. We are specialized in high-end post production for campaigns and ads in the area of transportation.”

What made you found your own agency? “Since we were used to working as a team independently, the idea of founding our own business was the logical consequence. It was all good… So we decided to do so in 2020.”

How did you come up with the wonderful name? “It took us a while. First and foremost, we wanted it to sound good. We wanted everyone who...

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ILLU • CAROLINESEIDLER.COM : PRAGMATICUS in RBMedia Publishing, DM, ADEG : ‘Women Who Write History’, FREIZEIT, ZOOM CHILDREN’S MUSEUM... FILM tips and NEW on the team: A warm welcome to Alex Nemec !

24.11.2021 • The new project PRAGMATICUS is designed to give experts a laid-back platform where they can publish their content off the beaten track of daily political debate. We present you the illustrations by Claudia MEITERT and BLAGOVESTA BAKARDJIEVA, both artists c/o CAROLINESEIDLER.COM for the new medium here on GoSee.NEWS.

The publication was founded by Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz together with Prince Michael of Liechtenstein. Pragmaticus is now launching an online platform, and a monthly print magazine was published for the first time on Monday, 6 September. The new medium is designed to give experts space to publish their content comprehensively, unadulterated and off the beaten track of daily political debate.

Plus : STEFANIE HILGARTH: WORLD MUSEUM Vienna, the FILM about the origins of the museum, CLAUDIA MEITERT for WELEDA, the film about baby sleep, TIBO EXENBERGER for KAPSREITER BEER, the film for the relaunch and the film about the history of the brewery, STEFANIE HILGARTH for weekly social media for ‘100 Years of MPREIS’ with the film ‘How It All Started’ 2021, ‘FOR MORE...

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post • WAGNERCHIC : Post-produces the cover artwork for the album ‘Andere’ by ALL DIESE GEWALT aka multi-talent producer, singer, and composer Max Rieger

22.11.2021 • One year ago, the album ‘Andere’ by the band ALL DIESE GEWALT was released. The cover photo was staged by Stuttgart-based photographer David Spaeth, with support from Berlin-based stylist Theresa Grosser. Manuel Wagner from WAGNERCHIC supported the shoot on location in Berlin and post-produced the visual in close collaboration with David Spaeth and creative mastermind Max Rieger.

Hannes Soltau about the artwork in Tagesspiegel : “That he ultimately doesn’t want to reveal everything is evident on the cover, on which a figure wrapped in a red cloth can be seen. Only visible are hands clasping an assault rifle cocked and ready to fire. Introversion combined with snarling aggression, veiled vulnerability combined with maximum effectiveness.”

The creative mind behind ‘All Diese Gewalt’ is Max Rieger, aka singer and guitarist of the band ‘Die Nerven’, a German rock group from Stuttgart. But Rieger has not only made a name for himself as a musician, he is just as much a sought-after producer. With the albums of Ilgen-Nur, Jungstötter, Drangsal, Friends of Gas or Karies, he has produced...

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Agencies • MAKING PICTURES : Little Simz aka Simbiatu Ajikawo in the ‘Joyful’ issue of BLANC mag, BYREDO stills, PERFECT mag, hardcore pie eating road trip across America, plus personal work ‘Dancing with Particles’

18.11.2021 • “Joy is contagious. When you spread your happiness to others, it doesn’t deplete your supply. Quite the opposite. The pleasure you feel increases when you pass it on to others. Joy replenishes itself as it is shared. To be joyful then is to both give and receive those sweet moments. We can keep them as a balm against our workaday world. We can always choose Joy.” says BLANC magazine about the latest issue. British with Nigerian roots, Little Simz, aka Simbiatu Ajikawo, is a rapper, singer, producer and actress – and the cheerful cover star of BLANC magazine, photographed by Daniel BENSON c/o MAKING PICTURES.

European luxury brand BYREDO was founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham in Stockholm with the aim of translating memories and emotions into products and experiences. In 2013, Ben Gorham sold a majority share of his company to the London-based investment firm Manzanita Capital, which previously invested in Diptyque and Malin + Goetz and is the owner of Space NK.

“Byredo turned to Tais and set designer Lucy Webster to capture their latest range of eyeshadows, color-sticks and fragrances.”...

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