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hms • ‘Design needs a setting.’ - Oliver Gast photographs the spread for DESIGN DELUXE magazine with set styling by Stefanie HINTERAUER c/o MAKING OF

19.07.2021 • “Whether fashion, design or accessories – in the lush, meticulously detailed garden architecture and the concept store of Kramer und Kramer, everything just looks a little bit better.” DESIGN DELUXE magazine tells us about the garden architecture specialists from Zöfing, Austria. The spread photographed by Oliver Gast c/o Kristina Korb relied on set styling by Stefanie HINTERAUER c/o MAKING OF. Hair & make-up: Christopher Koller, styling: Alex Pisecker.

The company Kramer und Kramer has been in business for more than 70 years. With a team of garden architects, it plans and realizes gardens and terraces, offers individual solutions for significant details such as (natural) pools, outdoor kitchens, sun protection, lighting and furniture and is dedicated in its tree nursery, with the addition of uniqueTrees®, to cultivating and caring for beautiful plants. At its concept store in Zöfing, Kramer und Kramer offers select flowers alongside a wide variety of garden and living accessories.

Premium magazine Design Deluxe has three publications each year, and the coffee table book is the...

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Agencies • RAMP.PICTURES BY RAMP.SPACE celebrates the Le Mans legends with the PORSCHE 917 & 919, as well as race car drivers HANS HERRMANN and TIMO BERNHARD, photographed by Marko KNAB c/o RAMP.PICTURES

18.07.2021 • The Le Mans legends inner circle : The Porsche 917 in the Salzburg design and the hyper-modern 919 Hybrid came together in the King Kong Studios in Friolzheim. That is : the first and the last vehicle with which Porsche was able to take home the overall victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. RAMP met up with the heroes – and, of course, the ones behind the wheel, too. We present you Hans Herrmann and Timo Bernhard, plus their cars, united for lots and lots of history in one shoot.

Hans Herrmann, born 23 February, 1928, in Stuttgart, is a former German race car driver. The trained confectioner was one of the most versatile German drivers and competed in a wide variety of different races for a broad range of automobile brands. His career spans from the time he worked with pre-War legends such as Mercedes racing manager Alfred Neubauer to the very beginning of Porsche’s dominance in the 24 Hours Race of Le Mans. He competed in legendary endurance races like the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio and Carrera Panamericana, and is one of the last remaining living legends of this era.

Timo Bernhard...

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Agencies • RAMP.PICTURES BY RAMP.SPACE : ‘Another Day in Paradise’ Till Brönner photographs singer Alvaro Soler for RAMP STYLE No. 22

12.07.2021 • Music and photography. Right off the bat the first time ramp Chief Editor Michael Köckritz met up with photographer and musician Till Brönner, it was clear : This was going to be a real jam session. The two have enjoyed working together again and again ever since. Their latest collaboration has now taken place for ramp style #22 entitled ‘Me, for myself’, for which Till Brönner portrayed Spanish-German pop singer Álvaro Soler, who resides in Berlin, for the cover story.

One studio, two exceptional musicians, one of which a really good photographer. And then, Álvaro Soler and Till Brönner discover this Porsche 911 Targa, in this shade of orange. “Mr. Soler, you moved to Tokyo with your parents at the age of ten, studied Engineering in Barcelona, laid down a shooting star career as a musician, and have stood on stage with Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas. So let’s start with a simple question : What did you actually want to be when you were a child? … The complete interview with Editor Wiebke Brauer is available via RAMP STYLE.

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prod • ‘Question Everything’ - LS PRODUCTIONS delivers impressive production service for Marvel Studios’ Loki x Hyundai Commercial, filmed by Director Anthony Leonardi in London

07.07.2021 • Marvel Studios’ Loki x Hyundai ‘Question Everything’ spot was shot on location in London – and responsible for the perfect production service flow in this high-end production was LS PRODUCTIONS. The UK client was Hyundai/Disney, and the exceptional Marvel talent was none other than actor Tom ‘Loki’ Hiddleston himself. The timing couldn’t have been better : On 9 June, 2021, Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, kicked off the Marvel series ‘Loki’ with Tom Hiddleston in the title role.

The spot was directed by Anthony Leonardi, and the production company was Bullitt Branded with LS PRODUCTIONS as production service company. Budgeting, scouting, locations, casting, equipment, health & safety, catering, insurance, planning & logistics, crewing, travel & accommodation, tech recce, security … were all organized to perfection by LS PRODUCTIONS.

In the wonderful spot, Loki escapes with the Tesseract and first finds himself in the American Museum of Natural History only to immediately zap off again; this time onto a crowded street, where he hops into the brand-new 2022 Hyundai Tucson SUV to...

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Agencies • Inspiré par vous – Conti Prod X Maison Vignaux c/o ContiArt produce the campaign for the CITROËN x SAINT JAMES limited edition – with a spot and campaign motifs

06.07.2021 • The eternal Mont Saint Michel*. Magic made by man. Visionary not only in its own time, the medieval abbey is today among the most visited attractions in France and served as the perfect backdrop for the cooperation between CITROËN and SAINT JAMES. The abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel is a former Benedictine abbey and is affiliated today with the Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem.

The C3 Saint James limited edition from Citroën and Saint James shares the same vision as the two companies : Based on a strong heritage, both manufacture high-quality, up-to-the-minute technical products, in a clever combination of casual and chic.

For the production presented here, direction and photography came from a single source : Maison Vignaux c/o ContiArt. And production was in the hands of CONTI PRODUCTION. Conti Prod tells us : “Citroën has entrusted Continental with the reveal of its Citroën C3 X Saint James special series, which marks a wonderful encounter between two brands that share the same vision of French know-how, for a production shot on the lands of St. James near the Bay of Mont St....

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