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Agencies • SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN : GLO TOBACCO campaign for VMLY&R Commerce,furniture collection by OUT - OBJEKTE UNSERER TAGE, mom’s blog LITTLE YEARS, ‘Beauties of the Ocean’ - seafood creations, and ‘Colored Food’

13.04.2021 • The glo tobacco heater in black is the new smoke-free cigarette made by the company British American Tobacco (BAT). Walter GLÖCKLE c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN photographed the latest motifs for VMLY&R Commerce, the fusion of Geometry and VMLY&R.

Anne DEPPE c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN staged the new furniture collection from OUT – OBJEKTE UNSERER TAGE. OUT stands for contemporary living and traditional craftsmanship. The progressive objects by fashion brand OUT – founded in 2015 with the ambition of creating space for a self-determined generation – are designed in Berlin and manufactured in Germany.

Watching nature unfold while it is awakening is not only a sensation for children. Lina GRÜN c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN photographed for an article in mom’s blog LITTLE YEARS, which has been the go-to digital platform for modern parents since 2013. Shared here daily are useful and wonderfully not-so-useful information and inspirations all about life with kids.

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film prod • NEW at GoSee : FILME VON DRAUSSEN, photography and film production from Zurich – the specialists for outdoor and sports present you their latest reel

12.04.2021 • Stories told in photos and film – all from a single source. New at GoSee is Filme von Draussen : The core team of the Swiss film production company is made up of three specialists who have the right solution in store for you when it comes to everything and anything to do with outdoors, sports and lifestyle in the open air. Particular comfort zone of the crew is in topics such as mountain biking, climbing, skiing, hiking or running, and they also know their way around places other photographers and filmmakers don’t even know how to get to – on deep powder slopes, remote trails and even vertical cliffs.

Among the clients of Filme von Draussen are outdoor and sports brands, touristic destinations and all brands which consciously choose an active and adventurous target group.

All three, including founder Tom Malecha, are at home in Zurich, Switzerland : “Contrary to what our name suggests, our crew not only makes films but also emotional photos, in which the entire lifestyle is perfectly and congruently captured besides the action. After around fifteen years of working for different...

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post • BLINK IMAGINGPost production & composing for the poster of science-fiction film TIDES by director Tim Fehlbaum as well as digital capture and post production for photographer/director Max von Treu and MR. ICON magazine

09.04.2021 • Following a global catastrophe, one of the few survivors makes her way to Earth. Earth is completely under water. The tides don’t let the survivors catch their breath anywhere while they search for food during the short phases when tide is low. The female astronaut has to face a momentous decision for the future of humanity after successfully returning to the planet… TIDES is a science-fiction thriller by Director Tim Fehlbaum which will celebrate its premier in June 2021 at the Berlin International Film Festival. The thriller was filmed in Hamburg’s mudflat surrounding Neuwerk island.

For Tides, the Swiss director and cameraman, born in 1982, worked with an international cast alongside Roland Emmerich as Executive Producer. The dystopian and extremely past-paced thriller with visionary scenography examines the effects of the exploitation of nature and warns about its devastating consequences for humankind.

The plot : When Earth becomes uninhabitable, its ruling elite settles on planet Kepler 209, but the atmosphere makes inhabitants infertile. Two generations later, a program is...

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Agencies • ‘Children of Covid’ Bex DAY c/o MAKING PICTURES examines the emotional, social and physical influence of Covid on a young generation growing up in the United Kingdom

08.04.2021 • Bex Day, a photographer and director residing in London, is now 28 and publishes her work regularly in magazines such as Vice, Garage, It’s Nice That or even Dazed and Confused. The spread presented here entitled ‘Children of Covid’ was recently published in ANOTHER magazine together with a text by Dominique Sisley. The photographs deal with the topic of the emotional and physical influence of Covid-19 on children between the ages of four and twelve in the UK.

We gladly quote : “With the UK slowly crawling out from its third national Covid lockdown, the focus is now shifting to the fallout. Over the last twelve months, reality as we know it has been razed to the ground, with shops, schools and social spaces shutting their doors and – where possible – moving online. These changes have been difficult for everyone, but particularly for children, who have been stuck in this digital, stimulus-starved existence for some of their most formative years. According to Unicef, Britain’s kids have lost up to 700 million days of school education since the pandemic began – so how will this...

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illu • ‘Breaking the News? The political public sphere and regulation of Internet intermediaries’ – STUDIO TOPIE c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION illustrates for the new publication of the renowned FRIEDRICH EBERT FOUNDATION

08.04.2021 • The importance of social media in the dissemination and organization of information is undeniable: News is listed additionally in individualized newsfeeds, and recommendation algorithms act as powerful gatekeepers. On this topic, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation has released its new publication entitled ‘Breaking the news? The political public sphere and regulation of Internet intermediaries’. Studio Topie, aka Nils Kasiske, is represented by KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION. His works adorn the publication with cover illustrations as well as various beautiful chapter openers.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation writes about the publication : “The importance of social media in the dissemination and organization of information is undeniable. The blocking of the social media accounts held by outgoing American President Donald Trump in January 2021 has made the influence of large platforms and search engines an issue of even greater urgency. Their global rise has radically changed our information behavior. News is now often listed additionally in individualized news feeds, and platforms, with...

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