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Art • GoSee ART : British artist Paul Robinson, aka LUAP, depicts a pink teddy bear come-to-life and placed in the real world acting as a metaphor for discovery and exploration

19.10.2020 • Paul Robinson, known professionally as LUAP, is a British contemporary artist. A skilled fine artist who dynamically fuses painting and photography, Paul Robinson, aka LUAP, born in Grimsby in 1982, is quickly gaining critical recognition and attracting a celebrity following for his exciting work. Working across various mediums, his work hints at abstract expressionism infused with the explosive energy and bold color of pop and urban art. Exploring existential subjects within a contemporary field, his work stands alone with its composition, provoking content and subject matter.

His most iconic series depicts a pink teddy bear which has come to life, placed in the real world acting as a metaphor for discovery and exploration. The costumed figure – a striking motif in his work – exists between reality and make-believe, youthful innocence and corruption, leading a lifestyle that looks simultaneously enviable and questionable.

Robinson sells and exhibits his work globally; highlights include London, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Berlin. He has exhibited alongside internationally...

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Art • GoSee Tip : VIDEOART AT MIDNIGHT ARTISTS’ COOKBOOK – the favorite recipes of artists such as Douglas Gordon, Ed Atkins or Klaus vom Bruch – with photos by Anton Stüber to get things cooking

14.10.2020 • Videoart at Midnight is an international forum dedicated to fostering contemporary video art in Berlin. Each month, Olaf Stüber and Ivo Wessel present the works of international artists at film theater Kino Babylon in Berlin’s Mitte district. And now, initiator Olaf Stüber and his son Anton are publishing this lovingly curated cookbook entitled VIDEOART AT MIDNIGHT ARTISTS’ COOKBOOK (Kerber Publishing) – in which 80 video artists of our time share their favorite recipes. Some of which are simple while others are more elaborate, but they are all easy to cook at home. What’s best: Each and every recipe has a very personal and entertaining anecdote to tell.

“Encounters with art, whether while viewing individual works, curating and installing exhibitions or in conversations with other art enthusiasts, is always about an interchange, giving food for thought, reorientation, and also regularly leaving our comfort zones,” says Olaf Stüber. “In many of these encounters, sharing a meal has played a key role. I have always been passionate about cooking at home for family and friends. The...

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Art • GoSee loves ... BILL CUNNINGHAM | NEW YORK, NEW YORK – an ode to the legendary street style photographer with 80 vintage prints from 50 years, still on display through the end of November in the Bruce Silverstein Gallery

14.10.2020 • Bill Cunningham’s columns “On the Street” and “Evening Hours” in the NEW YORK TIMES presented the true New York. He photographed stars, at gala events, and the style of the street from his bike. The New York icon, who died in 2016 at the age of 87, didn’t considered himself so much a trend scout but rather a collector and archivist. The Bruce Silverstein Gallery in Manhattan is now showing more than 80 vintage prints in a glamorous exhibition of the inhabitants of New York from five decades.

The gallery on the exhibition which is still on through the end of November: “Bill Cunningham | New York, New York is not just a chronicle of fashion trends from the street to the elite, but a testimony of life in the great metropolis that poignantly bears little resemblance to the city of today, having been an epicenter of a global crisis. During this period of profound isolation and reflection, this exhibition serves as more than a historical document of the rich vitality of New York but as a beacon of hope; a reminder of a life that once was, and will surely return.

Born in 1929 and raised in...

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Art • SEESAW – a journey through the present state of Britain by BEX DAY c/o MAKING PICTURES

13.10.2020 • SEESAW by BEX DAY c/o MAKING PICTURES is a photographic series communicating the varied extremities of the COVID-19 pandemic, depicted through the medium of self-portraits. The images explore themes of mental health, relationships, and the negative social issues that have come with the virus, including stockpiling, isolation and public restrictions, along with the surprising upsides that accompany these times.

The collection is presented through a vast array of color palettes; fluctuating from bright, vivid hues to bold black and white imagery; an honest reflection of the contrasting emotions individuals are experiencing in this difficult time. This ongoing series explores intimate, engaging moments, displaying the artist’s own experiences during lockdown, in a gently surreal yet approachable style.

Mainly photographed inside or within walking distance of her home, Bex takes you on a journey through the present state of Britain, complete with honest, impactful and vivacious images.

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Art • Photographer IGOR PANITZ opens his GoSeeSHOP with his fine art series ‘The Lost Roots’

06.10.2020 • The series ‘The Lost Roots’ by photographer IGOR PANITZ is comprised of seven motifs which all deal with the topic of lost roots. With his work, the artist wants to encourage people to move on while promoting freedom. The motifs are focused mainly on brushwood sculptures of considerable size in some cases. They exude, even without so-called life-sustaining roots, an enormous, peaceful aesthetic.

All photos were exposed in the studio on 4x5“ b/w film. The motifs are available as prints in the size 150x112 cm via his GoSeeSHOP. Printed and signed personally by Igor Panitz.

About – Igor Panitz is one of the world’s leading car photographers. His award-winning print campaigns are shot mostly in Europe and the United States. Panitz is located near Stuttgart, Germany, where he works in studios and on location. Besides his commercial work, he surprises from time to time with amazing personal projects. GoSeeSHOP:

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