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Art • GoSee Tip : ‘Reaching for Dawn’ by Elliott Verdier documents people and fates in post-war Liberia, appearing at DUNES EDITION Paris (book signings : PARIS PHOTO, Polka Factory, Polycopies)

21.10.2021 • Over the course of two years, Paris-based photo-journalist Elliott Verdier captured on large-format film the people and natural environments he encountered in Liberia, aiming to portray the after-effects that the Liberian civil war has had on its people. While traveling the West African country, he visited the fishing harbors of Harper, the diamond mines of Gbarpolu, and the Westpoint slums. The population does not speak about the bloody civil war (1989-2003) that decimated Liberia. His subjects shared their experiences only after they had found that they could trust him.

The civil war in Liberia lasted for fourteen years. It was rooted in conflicts between different ethnic groups on the one hand, and in fights between warlords for political power and control of the country’s resources on the other. Around 250,000 Liberians lost their lives as a result, and one million were driven out. Both sides used children soldiers. Since the de-escalation of the tensions, many refugees have returned to their home towns or have permanently made a life for themselves in the neighboring...

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Art • MARIO TESTINO UNFILTERED – 50 previously never released photographs by the star photographer still on display through February ‘22 at Milan’s 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS Gallery

18.10.2021 • On 1 October 21, Milanese gallery 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS opened ‘Mario Testino: Unfiltered’, a major exhibition in Italy featuring photos by this legendary photographer which have never been shown before in a gallery. The show is taking place in two consecutive exhibitions in Milan : the first from 1 October – 27 November and the second from 2 December, 2021 – 28 February, 2022. The 50 works of art, comprised of intimate portraits and iconic fashion images, were carefully curated by the gallery owners and Mario Testino personally. This ambitious exhibition will certainly draw the attention of Italian and International collectors alike.

Alongside his large format photographs, the gallery is also presenting unknown works, including spontaneous snapshots, available in new formats and editions, thus revealing a lesser known, more personal side of the artist’s oeuvre, as well as a selection of works from the recent publication ‘Ciao’ (Taschen, 2020), a book dedicated to the artist’s love affair with Italy.

“Discovering Italy was a powerful experience that has captured my imagination. I...

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Art • ‘The Flying Stars of Sierra Leone’ – the GoFundMe campaign by multiple award-winning photographer TODD ANTONY for you on GoSee.NEWS is your chance to get an original print for little money !

13.10.2021 • Photographer Todd Antony traveled recently to Sierra Leone and photographed the Salone Flying Stars team on location. Impressed by the joy with which the boys played, he then started his GoFundMe campaign in order to provide all Flying Stars players throughout Sierra Leone with new sets of crutches and replacement ferrules (the hard rubber feet on the bottom of the crutches) – and hopefully, additional funding so that they can organize transportation between cities to enable matches between the different teams. The crutches are purchased in the UK and then shipped to Sierra Leone.

As we were provoked, marginalized, insulted with all kinds of names, we formed this club to bring us together, as one family to share our feelings, especially to support our mental strength in our special living conditions and social recovery.” The Flying Star Amputees tell us.

Every donation is very welcome, but everyone who donates £150 or more receives a signed limited edition print from the series, which is then shipped to anywhere in the world – guaranteed. You’ll find further information on it...

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Art • HEART AND SOUL’ – Op art-inspired space experiences and vibrating illusions created with tape – the tape art project by ATAU HÁMOS c/o ART ACT on GoSee NEWS

05.10.2021 • ‘Herzblut’, or heart and soul, is the name tape artist ATAU HÁMOS c/o ART ACT has given his most comprehensive project to date : Designing the entrance area of the Hanfgeflüster start-up in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. Consisting of four areas, he interacts with the various spacial conditions and interconnects the works of art.

In an interview with PAGE, the artist explains : “I work with tape and other adhesive materials. Interacting with the space in front of me and creating new space experiences with tape fascinates me. I experiment with tape as a medium and explore its basic principles : By means of cuts and omissions, I dissolve straight lines, integrate circular shapes, and by doing so, leave gaps which reveal the materiality of the surface as a further level. Gradients are created through overlapping colors and movable pieces which, depending on the perspective of the viewer, disintegrate the lines when you look at them. I often use structures and grids as my starting point, into which I zoom in and out with great detail : urban networks, image elements such as pixels,...

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Art • GoSee Tip : ‘HOPE’ FUNDRAISER FOR AFGHANISTAN – an online print sale with works by 100 photographers to secure the future of 8 photography students from Afghanistan

22.09.2021 • Together with the ERE Foundation and activist Sabrina Herzog, fashion photographer STEFAN DOTTER has brought together 100 photographers who are contributing a motif for a charitable print sale. Through 5 October, 2021, you can order select motifs for only 80 EUR to support a great cause.

Art and especially photography are the enemy in any extremist-led Afghanistan. We, as a community of artists and especially photographers have come together to support photographers in Afghanistan. Photography as a means of self-expression and documentation is particularly essential under these circumstances and will help preserve the cultural diversity of Afghanistan.”

“I have united the work of 100 engaged photographers around a print sale, dedicated to the evacuation and resettlement of my eight Afghan photography students. This fundraiser by photographers for photographers will enable eight Afghan photography students to build a life and pursue a profession outside of Afghanistan, while developing their photographic practice through future workshops. All prints are available at 80€, unlimited...

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