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ART ‘Is Getting Over’ – the art project by Andy Massaccesi c/o BIRD PRODUCTION explores individuality and the collective identity of people and groups

20.06.2024 • ‘Is Getting Over’ is the name of the impressive photo project by Andy Massaccesi, who is represented by BIRD PRODUCTION. In this project, Massaccesi captures the dynamics of gatherings and sequences of people to explore the relationships and tensions within these groups. His photographs grant a fascinating insight into the interactions and patterns of movement in crowds, emphasizing both the individuality and collective identity of the persons depicted. With a keen eye for detail and knack for composition, Massaccesi creates commanding images that provide food for thought while visualizing the multilayered character of human gatherings.

Andy Massaccesi is an Italian photographer, based in Paris and Milan, whose multifaceted portfolio ranges from fashion and portraiture to intimate personal projects. Following his studies of graphic design at ISIA Urbino and art direction and photography at ECAL Lausanne, he eschewed conventional genres in favor of a creative and playful visual language. For Massaccesi, photography is a medium for storytelling that is marked by the ability to...

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ART ‘Light of Day’, photographed in Los Angeles by Jaap VLIEGENTHART c/o SEVERIN WENDELER

18.06.2024 • City streets bustling with light. A glamorous stranger passing by, a boy cycling by in a daydream, an early morning brightened by the light of a surreal night. In ‘Light of Day’, it’s impossible to determine what hour of day you’re living in. Trees catching delicate moonlight, while simultaneously, a midday sun draws harsh shadows over blind walls. Initially, you experience the stillness of a lazy summer evening; a second later you are transported into a bright new day. And in the blink of an eye, everything changes again.

Photographer Jaap VLIEGENTHART c/o SEVERIN WENDELER experiments, as he often does in his work, with the visual frameworks of the mind : “Most of the time, a photo attempts to capture a moment in time, and I’m always looking for a story or a particular idea. For a photographer, everything feels staged, even when you are shooting real life. You’re searching for those angles that reveal more than what initially meets the eye. I wanted to capture more coincidences and challenge preconceived trains of thought. I have, therefore, chosen to photograph the same exact...

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ART GOSEE BOOK TIP : ‘Fugue’ by Lydia Goldblatt – sensitive photographs about becoming and losing a mother, created over the course of four years (GOST Books)

11.06.2024 • ‘Fugue’ by Lydia Goldblatt, which was published in June 2024 at GOST Books, is a poignant exploration of love, grief, motherhood, and the complex interplay between intimacy and distance. Through a combination of photographs and written narratives, Goldblatt focuses on domestic life over the course of four years.

When Goldblatt became a mother, she found herself unable to take photos. However, after her own mother died, she began to photograph again, both at home and in the city around her. “I wanted to be honest about what I was struggling with, about the feelings of claustrophobia and rage, as much as intimacy and love. These are feelings so often hidden by mothers, so often silenced as unacceptable,” says Goldblatt.

The book itself is a work of art: The cover, adorned in pink with red endpapers, is a deliberate choice by Goldblatt to evoke a sense of corporeality. It features the final bars of Johann Sebastian Bach’s unfinished ‘Fugue’, who wrote The Art of Fugue unfinished because he died. Goldblatt explains: “I like the notes floating untethered.”

“Photographing became a...

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ART Photographer Benjamin MONN c/o KRISTINA KORB visits LOUVRE Abu Dhabi for you

11.06.2024 • The Louvre Abu Dhabi is an art museum in the UAE created in partnership with its namesake in Paris. For the museum, French architect Jean Nouvel designed a new building on the island of Saadiyat.

Photographer Benjamin MONN c/o KRISTINA KORB visited the LOUVRE Abu Dhabi for you.

The collection on display at the museum is part of the private estate of the family of the Imir of Abu Dhabi, headed at the moment by Muhammad bin Zayid bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who has also been President of the United Arabian Emirates (UAE) since 14 May 2022. The museum was officially opened on 11 November 2017.

Muhammad bin Zayid supported construction of the museum – including the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi that is still to come – plus cultural heritage sites such as Qasr Al Hosn.

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ART BMW M Hybrid V8 – the 20th Art Car by Julie Mehretu - studio visuals, artist portraits and CGI shots on location with creative retouch via RECOM

06.06.2024 • Ethiopian-American artist and New York resident Julie Mehretu is the 20th artist to have designed a BMW Art Car – and she has transformed the BMW M Hybrid V8 race car into a performative high-speed work of art. And RECOM had the pleasure of going to work with creative retouch on no less than two projects with BMW’s brand-new Art Car #20 by Julie Mehretu. For one, captivating studio visuals of the BMW Art Car were created together with Tereza MUNDILOVA c/o SHOTVIEW featuring portraits of the artist. And the other was creative retouch for the BMW Art Car together with photographer Andreas Hempel and the CG vehicle on location.

As visual consultant, Ena Aichinger supported both productions: “Creating these exceptional PR images for global communication together with photographer Tereza Mundilová, who is super-talented and easy to work with, as well as client Christiane Pyka was both a fun experience and creative challenge. I really do love great teamwork for this kind of project, and it was definitely one where everyone worked together beautifully throughout the process.”

For the...

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