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EVENTS Fake News? Now way! – Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T Photographers shoots the campaign for UseTheNews

10.07.2024 • For the agency Brinkert Lück, Max KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T Photographers shoots motifs now and again, and this time he photographed the campaign for (Year of the News).

With the Year of the News, the partners from #UseTheNews want to raise awareness for the importance of trustworthy information and are advocating the safe use of news above all for adolescents and young adults.

Among others, Pinar Atalay (journalist) and Ingo Zamperoni (TV presenter and journalist) volunteered for the campaign motifs.

GoSee :

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EVENTS Information Instead of Prejudice – Maximilian König c/o Double T Photographers shoots the INITIATIVE ENDLICH campaign, aimed at educating about the use of cannabis for medical purposes

08.07.2024 • Neon green large-format posters are plastered all over Germany for the INITIATIVE ENDLICH, which is about the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. For which actor Wotan Wilke Möhring and singer Vanessa Mai both posed for the camera of Max KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T Photographers.

On 1 April, cannabis was partially legalized in Germany. A decisive step just as much for medical cannabis patients : “Our initiative ENDLICH is aimed at challenging taboos and encouraging discourse based on facts – together with public figures from the areas of medicine, sports & culture, we would like to enable an objective, fact-based dialogue about the medical benefits and possibilities of medical cannabis therapy,” is the basic idea behind the campaign.

The initiative was started by Matthias von Bechtolsheim from the agency HEIMAT, which is also coordinating the campaign. “With our campaign, we wanted to rid the public discourse of prejudices and make it less complicated for patients to gain access to treatment that has already improved the quality of life of so many.”

The campaign was realized by the...

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EVENTS HERSPECTIVE : ‘Wasting Time x DUAT’ - pop-up exhibition for Berlin’s art festival 48h Neukölln by the female photographer collective

26.06.2024 • Themed upon ‘Urban Silence’ at 48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN, artists from HERSPECTIVE teamed up to put together a mix of photos, sound installations, live performances and video with the working title ‘Wasting Time’ – to make sure its quiet enough for the occasion.

A forum for artistic projects of all kinds amid Berlin’s art scene, 48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN, founded in 1999, has established itself as Berlin’s largest and benchmark independent art festival.

The exhibition space is on the third floor of the former C&A department store on Karl Marx Strasse in Berlin’s Neukölln district. Centrally located, it’s a cultural hotspot in the bustling controversial neighborhood.

Renowned women’s photography collective Herspective and the Berlin music label DUAT both used the gallery space together. The electro label will be responsible for music as well as individual interactive sound installations.

Lina Grün, Meike Kenn, Studio Likeness, Lisa Wassmann, Ina Schoof, Ana Baumgart, Luisa Hanika, Scarlett Werth, Rosa Merk, Ruede Hagelstein, Amin Fallah, Llewellyn Reichman, Julia Zooi & tba, Angie Taylor.


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EVENTS BOSCHTOBANRAP is delighted to welcome NEW entry photographer SOPHIA EMMERICH, whose exhibition ‘BEYOND PRIDE’ is now on display at Munich Airport Terminal 2, and still through 31 August 2024

26.06.2024 • “I am thrilled to announce that my project BEYOND PRIDE will be presented at Munich Airport Terminal 2! 🎨 BEYOND PRIDE isn’t just another exhibition. It transcends the boundaries of Pride Month, fostering year-round dialogue and connections. By spotlighting queer perspectives that challenge stereotypes and cultivate empathy, it creates an inclusive environment where acceptance and understanding are foundational values.

What also makes BEYOND PRIDE special is its venue – it’s not your typical art gallery. Nestled within the bustling Munich Airport Terminal 2, this exhibition breaks free from the confines of traditional art spaces. Instead, it reaches people from all walks of life, travelers and locals alike, allowing the topic to resonate with a diverse audience beyond the usual art scene bubble. A big thank you to Hauke Christoph Hedderich, who made all of this happen!” Sophia Emmerich, photographer.

“What a wonderful evening with so many lovely people! Yesterday, we officially inaugurated ‘Beyond Pride’ with Sophia Emmerich, the queer community, allies, co-workers and friends....

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EVENTS Les Rencontres d’Arles 2024, France’s biggest photography festival, will transform the city in southern France into a photo mecca with plenty of Japanese photography, photo books and talks from 1 July through 29 September

19.06.2024 • Les Rencontres d’Arles is the largest photography festival in France and an essential event for photography aficionados worldwide. From 1 July through 29 September 2024, the historical town of Arles will be transformed into a vibrant hotspot for photo art. With more than 100,000 visitors at each edition, the festival is a visitor magnet. Like every year, Rolf Scheider will be there to report for GoSee from the opening week.

Waiting for visitors to discover are more than forty exhibitions of renowned photographers from all corners of the globe in various locations throughout the city. The overarching theme this year is ‘BENEATH THE SURFACE’. Tremors and turmoil, spirits, traces, and readings are all among the perspectives that form the foundation of the 2024 edition of Les Rencontres d’Arles. Photographers, artists and curators reveal their visions and stories in endless redefinition. Whether marginal or firmly established in the center, the narratives lead to multiple, divergent paths, all emanating from faults in a porous surface: each intertwining, superimposing and overlapping....

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