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Fashion • Ronald DICK c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographs the ‘For No One Else’ campaign for LIFT YOUR VISION, aka LYV, with styling by Moubarak Assima; we have eight motifs for you on GoSee.NEWS

12.01.2022 • LIFT YOUR VISION is all about inspiring stories featuring visionary people – whether artists, creatives, fashion designers, architects, or entrepreneurs, … : “We believe in you and your visionary power. #LIFTYOURVISION & #LYV #ForNoOneElse. Experience the new era!”

Ronald DICK c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographs the ‘For No One Else’ campaign for LIFT YOUR VISION, aka LYV, with styling by Moubarak Assima.

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Fashion • RICH&ROYAL – authentic looks with model Barbora Fialova and stylist Jana Kapounova, photographed and curated by ANDREAS ORTNER in Prague

10.01.2022 • ‘Authenticity is the courage to be yourself.’ ANDREAS ORTNER photographed and curated a micro campaign with a new look for womenswear label RICH&ROYAL in his home away from home Prague. Styling was taken care of by GoSee Member Jana Kapounova, with hair & make-up by Vilma Baum. And the model in front of Andreas’ camera was Barbora Fialova.

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Fashion • Julia BOSTOCK c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS photographs the latest HOMESPUN CASHMERE campaign by designer Sam Denny Hodson

07.01.2022 • Julia BOSTOCK c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS photographed the latest HOMESPUN CASHMERE campaign. The motifs were photographed in the Skyroom in Suffolk.

Sam Denny Hodson, founder and designer of Homespun Cashmere and proprietor of NEW STREET MARKET : “At New Street Market, we offer an inspiring mix of locally sourced, handmade clothing and homewares combined with exclusive brands from around the world. Our beautiful Victorian building is also home to Canteen, serving delicious locally sourced food. While we’re working on a new website, Homespun Clothing is exclusively for sale at New Street Market Woodbridge.”

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Fashion • Back to work with a bit of glamorous swagger – the DIMITRI Fall/Winter ‘21/22 Lookbook and all the looks for you on GoSee.NEWS

06.01.2022 • Dimitri is ready for the good times to get rolling again. Although the collection features laid-back, feminine silhouettes, beautiful dresses, suits and coats – none of the clothes are designed for staying at home or going unnoticed. Quite the contrary : The collection is marked by velvet suits and dresses, chiffon wrap dresses, faux fur coats or organza skirts, a sequin suit or vegan leather pants, and jackets.

The color palette ranges from fuchsia and rosé to beautiful blue and ocher nuances. Complementing the looks are an equally brightly colored, oversize wool blazer and accessories aplenty, such as hats or headscarfs and knee-high boots or even sandals.

Dimitri presents his Fall/Winter ‘21/22 collection, exploring the strength and the power to reclaim life after coronavirus. The collection was inspired by the style of American actresses Edie Sedgwick, Lauren Hutton, Bianca Jagger, and Jerry Hall as well as by fashion from the 60s and 70s.

This season, Dimitri has opened a casual door to extravagant style.

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Fashion • ‘Christmas Angel’ – cover spread with atmospheric fog, plenty of glamour and magical light for ICON MAGAZINE, model Sara Dijkink photographed and filmed by ESTHER HAASE

23.12.2021 • Esther HAASE photographed the cover spread ‘Christmas Angel’ for the latest issue of ICON MAGAZINE and, in doing so, captured the magic of the holiday season and the beauty of the moment. Besides the spread, Esther also produced a video together with DOP Sebastian Etmer, which she directed.

The magazine tells us about the production : “It just seemed natural for us to choose higher beings that provide comfort in this somewhat strange winter again this year. At least to vanish for a while into a realm to which reality only has limited access. We came up with the idea of a forest and a clearing, of using fog and magical light. We imagined an angel appearing out of the thicket, carrying one of those snow globes in her hand that are all over the place particularly during Advent. The globe as a symbol of the world, constantly being shaken up by us humans and other forces so that it seems like the snow would never be able to settle again. But we remain confident, thinking about what one might see if it does manage to? There are no limits to the imagination and to hope, but for now, we...

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