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Advertising • Ready for Winter – Wolfgang ZAC c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS films and photographs the ADIDAS ‘COLD.RDY’ COLLECTION in Berlin and London

25.01.2021 • Ready. Set. Cold. As fans of Wolfgang ZAC’s c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS pioneering screen shoot concept, ADIDAS went for the same vibe for its new COLD.RDY collection – with a variety of layered designs to battle the cold.

Wolfgang saw the deeper meaning : Layering is how we’re living. Every day, we cope with our Zoom-life indoors by adding a layer of energetic explosion outdoors. So the campaign started with Wolfgang screen-shooting the models layering up in the COLD.RDY collection inside. Then he added the screen-free layer of the models beating the freezing world outside. Run, jump, smash the cold, and slam dunk. But this collection of visuals you see here is also layered. Images directly from the adidas campaign lie harmoniously next to visual mash-ups created by Wolfgang, each layer supporting the other. Even the COLD.RDY film is a layering up.

Using their Tandem Rogue © technique, Wolfgang shoots stills while his wife, DOP, and partner-in-crime Claudia Delpin simultaneously shoots film. ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS : “The wordless dance of their two bodies, two cameras and two minds...

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Advertising • Are you ready for ‘MY WAY’ – Hunter & Gatti c/o KRISTINA KORB stages the 360° campaign for ARMANI’s perfume as a magical trip around the world with model and actress Adria Arjona

24.01.2021 • I am what I live … – Hunter & Gatti c/o KRISTINA KORB staged the 360° campaign for ARMANI’s perfume ‘My Way’. To do so, they teamed up with the Armani team and model & actress Adria Arjona to take a trip to Japan, India, Thailand and Spain in 2020. The campaign was designed to mirror this journey realistically and naturally, while celebrating the most diverse and beautiful places in our wonderful world. Adria Arjona is a Puerto Rican actress who lives and works in the US. She is the daughter of Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona. Because of the line of work her father is in and his concerts in Latin and South America, she was already a heavy traveler during her childhood and lived mainly in Mexico City until she was twelve. At the age of eighteen, she moved to New York City by herself in order to pursue a career as an actress.

Kristina Korb : “Hunter & Gatti wanted to create a realistic experience with this campaign and take customers along with them on the trip. It was important for them to be directly on location in the different countries so that they could capture authentic...

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Advertising • LIFETAKT 5in1 men’s shot commercial with male model Benjamin Kühnemund by GABO c/o LILA MANAGEMENT for LR Health & Beauty Systems on GoSee

24.01.2021 • The new LIFETAKT 5in1 Men's Shot perfectly meets the needs of men. Simple, effective and everything a man needs in one dose! The deeply penetrating double complex of the LR LIFETAKT 5in1 Men´s Shot has it all: Powerful active ingredients based on science and nature. GABO c/o LILA MANAGEMENT directed the beauty commercial for LR, and grooming of male model Benjamin Kühnemund was in the hands of Gabrielle Theurer c/o BASICS BERLIN.

LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH is one of the leading direct sales companies in Europe. The high-quality health and beauty products Made in Germany are loved by millions of customers as well as thousands of distribution partners worldwide.

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Advertising • New Intense Recovery Cream CALM and NEXT GENERATION DARK SPOT Correction – GLAM PRODUCTION produces two web commercials for MURAD SKINCARE

22.01.2021 • Inspired skincare for a beautiful life. – Dr. Murad founded Murad, Inc., “the first brand of clinical skincare products, setting a new standard for high-performance skincare.” One the company website, we read : “Dr. Murad launched what he called his ‘skincare revolution’ at a speaking engagement at Esthetics’ West Expo in May of 1990. His manifesto was simple: ‘Skincare is healthcare.’ His vision was to bring skincare professionals of all stripes together to work as a team, using scientifically proven formulas and technologies to help people achieve the healthiest, most beautiful skin possible.”

For two products by the innovative MURAD SKINCARE experts, GLAM PRODUCTION from Los Angeles produced the two spots ‘CALM’ and ‘NEXT GENERATION DARK SPOT Correction’. They are used mainly across various social media channels. GoSee :

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Agencies • ANDREA HEBERGER : ‘Black Friday’ spot for VIRGIN MOBILE, searching for the rush with jockey Per Anders Gråberg, VARSITY Spring ‘21 looks, TED BAKER, GRAZIA NL, NINA VON C, …

21.01.2021 • Virgin Mobile, founded in 1999 in the UK, is today the brand name of several mobile phone companies in the UK, Australia, Argentina, Ecuador, France, Brazil, India, Ireland, Canada, Columbia, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, and the US. They were each founded in partnership with the Virgin Group and a large local network provider, and operate as independent corporations. In the UK, Virgin Mobile UK the fourth largest mobile phone company in the country, but does not operate its own network.

The spot presented here was created by JellyLondon for VIRGIN MOBILE under the art direction of PIANO AND THE FOX: “I have developed two TV commercials (‘Launch’ and ‘Black Friday’), featuring cell phones from Samsung, Sony, and Hawaii, plus products from the Sony Playstation. The long-lasting TVC series was developed, animated and designed by me with the aid of the in-house staff of JellyKitchen. Various publications for this campaign across different platforms, such as national newspaper and social media, have followed my design and direction.” GoSee!

With over 10,000 races...

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