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prod • NEW at GoSee.NEWS – we are delighted to welcome PREMIUM new entry LICHTENBERG & GRAY PRODUCTIONS, film production company, Munich & London; to kick things off, we present you the spot ‘A Small Step’ for ASTON MARTIN by Director Andreas H. Soyka

16.09.2021 • LICHTENBERG & GRAY PRODUCTIONS is a boutique production company based in Munich. To this day, it has produced more than 500 commercials, on-air promotion spots, music videos and photo shoots for the German and international markets. It offers a wide range of services for international and local production companies, advertising agencies, TV channels, and not least, photographers.

Due to confidential agreements with VIPs and automotive companies, L&GP can only present a small selection of work on GoSee. So let’s start with the spot produced for the client ASTON MARTIN by Director and Editor Andreas H. Soyka.

Lichtenberg & Gray : “For this spot, we were responsible for the studio, the light and camera equipment, the crew, editing, color grading, retouch etc. Producing a car commercial is usually very time-consuming and requires a lot of resources, however, not in this case – thanks to photorealistic 3D rendering.” Creative Director was de.jhammer. 3D Visualization: 3d_tech_com, and music: blutaudio.

After gaining experience as an account manager and producer at agencies in Munich and...

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Advertising • Go and get it ! - BRODYBOOKINGS presents you the new bwegt TV spot

13.09.2021 • “All customers who sign up for an annual subscription now and join us again – or for the first time – not only travel more sustainably, it’s also cheaper for them: New subscribers receive one whole month free of charge.” according to the initiative ‘bwegt – Mobility for Baden-Württemberg”. It is a gift from the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Ministry of Transportation and associations as well as the railway companies and their partners to all customers who choose sustainable mobility for their way to school, to work or in their leisure time.

The gift is advertised with a short TVC. Appearing in the lead roles of the new TV spot are BRODYBOOKINGS models Alessa, Elisabeth, Gerald, Karina and Louis. The executive agency was Serviceplan. Director: Maks Richter.

About – bwegt. Baden-Württemberg is on the path to sustainability. Under the umbrella brand bwegt, we are consolidating all measures to make using local public transport even more attractive. With new trains, improved frequencies, broader railway networks, a simpler price structure, and a whole range of new services. The goal:...

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Illustration • New perspectives ahead, change as a chance. The MELITTA Group Annual Report realized by creative team DAQ c/o 2AGENTEN

09.09.2021 • “Joint Impact – to make a difference, we need to work together. Because only together can we overcome the huge challenges we currently face… ” With meticulous attention to detail and an equally imaginative and stimulating animation, the creative team DAQ c/o 2AGENTEN visualized the MELITTA Annual Report. “Working together at a distance. Remote work after the COVID-19 pandemic is different from anything that came before it. And there’s no turning back now,” DAQ says about realizing the concept. Part of it all were Klee Steinberger and Nexxar from Vienna.

We have the result for you here on GoSee and via Melitta.

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Advertising • Take control of your eyebrows – the animated POWmade campaign for Benefit Cosmetics Polska by Augustynka c/o COSMOPOLA

09.09.2021 • Try out the NEW POWmade – the 36-hour formula eyebrow pomade from the company BENEFIT. We’re talking about creamy full-pigment eyebrow pomade from Benefit Cosmetics : “Change your eyebrows beyond recognition with POWmade! It is a full-pigment pomade that fills brows naturally with only a few strokes. It is a creamy, light and easy-to-blend formula that coats hair gently and gives it a natural, almost satiny finish.” says BENEFIT. The artwork for it came from mixed media artist & motion designer Augustynka c/o COSMOPOLA.

COSMOPOLA : “Have you ever seen something this pink? Because I definitely haven’t!!! Enjoy Augustynka’s #POWmade premiere campaign for Benefit on GoSee.” If you ever think about changing your eyebrows – then try out the Benefit eyebrow cabin on their website. You’ll love it. GoSee : &

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Fashion • A new shopping experience at the bonprix store in Hamburg – the cinematic BONPRIX campaign by Björn EWERS c/o COSMOPOLA

08.09.2021 • Fall is almost here… but please don’t forget all the other seasons! What do you do if you want to try something that has never been done before and you also want it to be fun? You book photographer Björn EWERS c/o COSMOPOLA and his team. Like here for BONPRIX. bonprix is an international fashion company headquartered in Hamburg.

COSMOPOLA : “We are so happy to share the cinematic campaign we shot for BONPRIX all over Hamburg these days for the new #bonprix pilot store in Hamburg City. A whole new and innovative shopping experience is definitely worth checking out! Seeing Björn use different techniques on set to create amazing footage was thrilling! The good energy, the nice people on set, and the fun activities in between are what I love about my work.”

BONPRIX on the advertised innovative on-site service : “No more digging around for the right size, no lines outside the changing room and at the cash register. In our bonprix store in Hamburg, you scan your new favorite clothes quickly with an app and order them directly in our comfortable changing rooms – including different light...

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