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Illustration • TEACHER'S WHISKY – the production process of the Scottish gold, with catchy illustrations by KLAS FAHLÉN c/o 2AGENTEN for Japanese client SUNTORY

26.07.2021 • KLAS FAHLEN c/o 2AGENTEN shows us here vividly where this Scottish whisky comes from… “In its campaign, Japan's largest whisky producer, Suntory, explains the whisky-making process of a small distillery in Scotland. Suntory can already look back on a long tradition of illustrated characters, particularly because this type of mascot is very popular in Japan. Based on the name of the Teacher's brand, a teacher figure was chosen to tell this story – in a combination of real person and illustrated counterpart. The brief for Klas Fahlén, therefore, was to create a stylistic character based on the real teacher from the ad. We then embark on a journey to Scotland with the animated teacher, where we are told how the whisky is produced using illustrations in Klas Fahlén's signature style…” More? Check out 2AGENTEN.

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Illustration • ‘Garden of Eden’ illustrator JEANNE DETALLANTE c/o 2AGENTEN interprets Persian carpets with a contemporary design for ASHTARI CARPETS in Antwerp

23.07.2021 • “We are very proud to announce our new partnership. Illustrator Jeanne Detallante designed a beautiful new contemporary interpretation of an old Persian Garden of Eden. The result is simply stunning. A beautiful landscape with exotic plants and animals and an enormous perception of color… We are very moved by the result and hold this collaboration very deeply in our hearts. The design circulates in different directions. There is a surface and a depth, a verticality where the patterns of the different elements are built up. It is a poetic yet realistic, daydream-like vision of nature. Nature observed, transformed into a emotion, transformed into a graphic response. A nature that is not always so calm, where not everything is harmonious, but sometimes surprisingly fine. A nature that is not always reassuring, but where you can still find peace. Room for silent admiration. Something that we are a part of and that we are still seeking to belong to.”

Wendy Guns, owner of Ashtari Carpets, adds : “I got to know Jeanne Detallante at our place through a common contact within the artistic...

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Illustration • BVLGARI ROSE Goddess with a poetic floral animation by Trajan JIA c/o JSR AGENCY as well as illustrations for cosmetic brand ROCKING ZOO, ESTEE LAUDER and the STARBUCKS Reserve Shops 2020/2021

23.07.2021 • Trajan JIA is now represented by JSR AGENCY and presents us his latest works for BVLGARI ROSE Goddess, ROCKING ZOO, ESTEE LAUDER and STARBUCKS Reserve Shops 2020-2021. “Trajan is a renowned and experienced illustrator and designer from China, presently active in London. He has worked extensively in London as a visual designer and illustrator for more than eight years, realizing several successful projects within, or related to, the Chinese market, and is passionate about developing Eastern aesthetics within modern brands and commercial spaces. His dream is to bring a reimagined, redesigned and redecorated lifestyle to each customer.”

An education in traditional Chinese painting, Western and Eastern literature, history and political culture have had a formative influence on his concise multicultural style. Growing up in a special Chinese factory community, the massive architectural framework and comparatively tiny personal living space serve as the inspiration for his artwork. Various forms of graphic art such as silkscreen print, drawing by hand and embroidery mindfully record the...

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Illustration • Street art on the topic of ‘Subway’ for AMAZON LOGISTICS in Berlin Mariendorf including a film documentary and a gorilla for AMAZON Völkingen - delivered right on time by the graffiti specialists from ARTMOS4

22.07.2021 • For the client AMAZON LOGISTICS, Marcus c/o ARTMOS4 had a double dose of action. The Berlin branch wanted extremely expressive graffiti on the topic of ‘Subway’ for its impressive distribution hall. Marcus and his fellow Berlin artists went to work, and the result are street art-style images. To go with it, a PR/documentary video was shot, which presents a thrilling account of the design steps and the location.

Things got even wilder at the Völklinger branch, whose mascot is a monkey. So they, of course, sprayed a gorilla with an authentic jungle feeling. In Völkingen, packages from European logistics centers are delivered, unloaded, sorted and finally delivered to customers in Saarland and Western Palatinate. Further surfaces to embellish are still in planning.

Amazon sends packages using its own parcel service, Amazon Logistics, whenever the other logistics partners are running at capacity. For this purpose, the online retailer cooperates with small and mid-sized transport companies in the individual regions. GoSee : &

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Illustration • Be original ... - for Coca-Cola and the BALBOA restaurant, ARTMOS4 traveled through time to the 1970s Rocky Balboa boxing era

21.07.2021 • For Coca-Cola, ARTMOS4 got the chance to take a trip back to the 1970s Rocky Balboa boxing era. The famous movie hero was supposed to be depicted prominently in the indoor and outdoor facade area of the restaurant and Coca-Cola partner BALBOA.

The large-scale graffiti and commissioned work by ARTMOS4 are eye-catchers : not only for passers-by and guests, but also for the press! “Our projects and facade designs are regularly followed by journalists, reporters and photographers who then report about them in various media. For our clients, this has an additional, and above all, free PR effect.” GoSee :

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