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Illustration • ‘On Vacation’ the first joint album project by trumpeter Till Brönner and legendary American jazz pianist Bob James with album artwork by Dirk RUDOLPH c/o UPFRONT

14.12.2020 • Trumpeter Till Brönner – Germany’s most successful jazz musician – teamed up with jazz legend and Grammy Award winner Bob James to record his long-awaited new studio album. The two met up in autumn 2019 at the legendary studio ‘La Fabrique’ in Southern France. “In the beginning, we both had very different concepts about where we wanted our session to go. However, all our theoretical ideas soon gave way to a mutual feeling, we both knew immediately it would happen,” multiple ECHO winner and extraordinary Grammy-nominated musician Brönner tells us about the creative process... For Till Brönner & jazz legend Bob James, designer Dirk RUDOLPH c/o UPFRONT created the album artwork for ‘On Vacation’.

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Illustration • Corona Audrey, Miss Europe or Corona Jumper? The Fine Art Print Edition 2020 by Katrin FUNCKE c/o ART ACT – art for your own four walls

06.12.2020 • Looking for a Christmas gift? How about art? Katrin FUNCKE’S Fine Art Print Edition 2020 with several motifs on finest quality Hahnemühle Photo Rag can still be ordered on time for the holidays for only 120 EUR at

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Illustration • THE IMAGINATION PROJECT – analogue paper landscapes in augmented reality by illustrator ANNETTE JACOBS c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION

05.12.2020 • Annette JACOBS c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS is a talented papercut artist and just had the opportunity to realize her first augmented reality project. In ‘Imaginative Paper Landscapes’, Annette embarks on a virtual trip to the most beautiful places in the world, taking her papercuts into a new dimension where virtual objects blend into the real world. Her paper landscapes are handcrafted with colored construction paper and can be projected everywhere via augmented reality for viewers to experience and discover as life-size sculptures. The first stars of her AR series are flamingos from the Atacama desert.

Try it out yourself! On her Instagram profile, you can download the Instagram filter (supported by: The Imagination Project – an initiative by Wacom and Creative Mornings Düsseldorf).

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Illustration • On a trip through time with KÖLLN MÜSLI – ad campaign with illustrations by Michael PLEESZ and Alfons KIEFER both c/o ART ACT

05.12.2020 • For the 200 year anniversary of the brand KÖLLN (oatmeal), we embarked on a trip through time. For the 60s, ART ACT presents us an illustration by Michael PLEESZ in retro style, and for the 80s in a stylish gym outfit by Alfons KIEFER both c/o ART ACT.

The history of KÖLLN MÜSLI began 200 years ago: A capable young man by the name of Peter Kölln built a oat mill at the Elmshorn port to supply the sailors there with provisions. KÖLLN MÜSLI is still a family company to this day, and the mill still produces all kinds of products with nordic oatmeal.

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Illustration • Wrap with Care – Giving with more care, less waste this Christmas – the animated campaign by Sylwia KUBUS c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS-ILLUSTRATION for an eco-friendly XMAS

05.12.2020 • Sylwia KUBUS c/o KOMBINATROTWEISS created an animation for THE FABRIC WRAPPING CO and its #WrapWithCare campaign. Content-wise, it’s about raising awareness for the fact that the UK uses paper equivalent to 50,000 trees alone for the production of Christmas wrapping paper. The campaign is aimed at encouraging people to switch to sustainable packaging alternatives this year and become more aware of their ecological footprint.

Natasja & Margot : “We’ve launched a campaign! It’s all about encouraging people to give with more care, less waste this Christmas. It’s called Wrap With Care. For everyone who joins us and pledges to Wrap With Care, we will plant a tree with the fabulous Mossy Earth.

This year has been tough, strange and unsettling, for us and for many others. Yet out of this uncertainty has come more clarity about what’s important and a real determination to make a difference to the planet. For us, we want to make more people aware of the amount of waste at Christmas (50,000 trees in wrap!). We’re not about guilt here, we’re about love, so mostly we want to share wonderful...

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