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Illustration • With Love from Dallas – digital artist Magdiel Lopez is now represented by HELIUM PRODUCTION BERLIN – we have a first portfolio for you

12.01.2022 • Todas las opciones … Cuban native and visual artist Magdiel Lopez spent his childhood in Havana, Cuba. And to this day, he has drawn inspiration from the magic of that time of his life, nourished by the impressions of the uber-colorful culture which surrounded him. Which is why his visual education, his very roots, have had such a great influence on his keen sense of style, color, proportion, art and design, and are the unmistakable hallmarks of his work.

In search of freedom and a better life, Magdiel Lopez moved to the United States at the age of fifteen, where he has continuously honed his impressive self-taught skillset. Magdiel decided to reveal his work in a series by the name of ‘A Poster A Day’ – and published a piece of art on his Instagram every day for 365 days. By doing so, he garnered more attention each day from an ever-growing number of international followers, which ultimately led to Magdiel’s introduction by the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Entrepreneur and Awwwards.

Meanwhile, Magdiel has already worked together with big brands such as Apple, Nike, Absolute...

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Illustration • ‘Draw Characters to Life’ – GILLES AND CECILIE c/o 2AGENTEN get powerful, imaginary characters up and dancing for their ADOBE PHOTOSHOP tutorials

30.11.2021 • GILLES AND CECILIE c/o 2AGENTEN created very special creatures for ADOBE. “When we received the request to be part of Adobe Photoshop tutorials, we were totally thrilled and jumped at the opportunity. It is an honor to be recognized as practitioners, and we went all in. What did we want to teach? How do we use Photoshop? What is our favorite tool? What did we want to develop for this purpose?

We knew for certain that we wanted to create a bunch of imaginary characters. Characters that would come together to play and dance. This last year has been isolating, and we wanted to make something uplifting and joyful. For us, dancing is joyful, and so are roller skating and cycling. Creativity is collaboration. All these characters meet to exchange ideas and movement.

The first thing we had to do was to break down our creative process. How do we create characters? Step by step, we made a list from rough sketches, editing, redrawing and refining. As creatives, we all use photoshop differently, and it is exciting to discover and learn how. We hope our tutorial will inspire new and seasoned...

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Illustration • ‘CAVIAR CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLE PIG’ : EDITION PEIX presents its annual 2022 calendar with artwork by six illustrators from 2 AGENTEN – special, individual, sophisticated and refreshingly colorful

30.11.2021 • With ‘CAVIAR CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLE PIG’, EDITION PEIX is putting pleasure front and center in the new year. Eating, feasting and serving food are the topics. Twelve illustrators have once again created twelve illustrations, specially for EDITION PEIX. The unusual 33 × 100 cm format is an eye-catcher whether in offices, living rooms, practices or lobbies. With Agostino Iacurci, Manne Lalilian, Carmen Segovia and Tanya Teibtner, EDITION PEIX has chosen thrilling new international illustrators. Martin Haake and Olaf Hajek are on board again this year. All six illustrators are represented by 2AGENTEN.

Agostino Iacurci studied Visual Arts and Etchings at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. His practice embraces a wide range of media, including painting, murals, sculpture, drawing, and installation. Iacurci combines his artworks with scenographic spaces to transform the perception of given environments. Starting from specific topics such as the use of colors in the ancient and classical world, he questions issues of traditions and identity, investigating the process of idealization of...

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Illustration • ‘Daddy Cat : 40 games for dads & kids without getting up’ – Frederik JURK c/o SEPIA illustrates beautiful dad and children games for his first book appearing at Ready-to-Daddy Publishing

20.11.2021 • For overtired dads and wide-awake kids – Frederik JURK c/o SEPIA is an illustrator from Hamburg and usually illustrates for publishers such as Die Zeit, Handelsblatt and Süddeutsche Zeitung. He has now illustrated his first book : Kater Vater, or Daddy Cat. The freshly founded publishing company Ready-to-Daddy in Hamburg has now launched the book with 40 games for dads and their children to play without getting up. “For overtired dads and wide-awake kids,” as the publisher tells us. Frederik gave the games a little black cat, always at the side of dad and child.

“40 original game ideas for kids aged 0 to 6. The best part : You can stay in bed or on the couch while having a great time together. Not to mention strengthening your bond between father and child. All games are illustrated with great detail and lots of love, and can be played without difficulty or preparation. These games can soon become a beloved ritual – and can, of course, also be played without a cat. It was born out of necessity, with plenty of heart and soul by dads for kids, supported by experienced educational...

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Illustration • Picture puzzles, maps, layouts, watercolor paintings or cartoons – multiple award-winning illustrator INGO c/o ART ACT is now a new artist at the Munich-based agency

10.11.2021 • New at ART ACT is illustrator INGO Fast – in the business for 20 years and honored with multiple awards. “I create conceptual illustrations, icons, spots, large drawings, and covers, for magazines, newspapers, books, brochures, ad campaigns, websites, and apps.” He has already illustrated for clients such as The New York Times, TIME, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Fortune, American Express, UBS, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Bayer, Avis, United Airlines, Petronas, IBM, Deloitte, Pentagram, Penguin, Harvard, M.I.T., MTA Arts for Transit, and the Museum of Modern Art. More by Ingo is available via ART ACT.

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