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Photographers • RANKIN photographs ‘Make Up Your Mind’ - the GUERLAIN Beauty Special for the Community Issue of British HUNGER MAGAZINE on GoSee NEWS

21.07.2021 • The GUERLAIN Beauty Special ‘Make Up Your Mind’ was photographed by RANKIN for the latest issue of HUNGER MAGAZINE.

GUERLAIN has always drawn inspiration from the faces of the women of this world. Fine differences in complexion, light or sun-kissed, the beauty in the multitude of shimmering nuances, the magic of the products and powder compacts, irresistible objects of desire… GUERLAIN draws on peerless expertise in capturing true radiance to reveal the natural beauty of the face. Since 1828, Guerlain has explored, innovated and perfected its fragrance, skincare and make-up – all with nature and art as its inspiration.

HUNGER is a biannual magazine from photographer, publisher and cultural provocateur, Rankin. Launched in November 2011, Hunger was born from Rankin’s desire to celebrate the innate drive that we all possess and that, with a bit of creativity, can be used as an impetus for cultural change.

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Photographers • YNG TLNTD HNGRY! NEW drinks & still life photographer & director Nick Rees c/o SEVERIN WENDELER with a thrillingly fresh food & stills portfolio plus the perfect pinch of humor

21.07.2021 • British drinks & still life photographer and director NICK REES is now represented by SEVERIN WENDELER. In cooperation with international brands and agencies, Nick develops photos and films which depict products as heroes in their own worlds.

“Besides Nick’s main speciality of shooting drinks and liquids, his technical skill and approach translate perfectly into everything from luxury products to people. This way of working allows him to approach a shoot quickly and creatively, with the view that production and post production are an art form in themselves, everything is considered from client call to final ad.

His pictures are a testament to his meticulous attention to detail, with experience working with clients across the globe, from sandy beaches to mountain tops and countless studios.​​ However, they always
seem to end up in the bar afterwards to celebrate and enjoy a bit of life together.”

Here on GoSee, we present you several teaser motifs, and the complete portfolio is available via SEVERIN WENDELER.

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Photographers • Food stop-motion & stills for ZEIT STUDIENFÜHRER by Marie-Therese CRAMER c/o DOUBLE T

21.07.2021 • Marie-Therese CRAMER c/o DOUBLE T presents us the delicious recipe ‘Herb Crusted Seabream’ with the help of food stop-motion and photographed an editorial for ZEIT STUDIENFÜHRER – with completely analogue paper objects, died in colorful light and without post production.

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Photographers • ‘Art Meets Education’ - change the world with photography - NGO project with support from Anatol Gottfried c/o SEVERIN WENDELER

21.07.2021 • Change the world – with photography. Art Meets Education is committed to this vision. AME is a young NGO which gives children who are growing up in poverty the chance for a better future – through their own photography. AME holds photo workshops in the Philippines for children from disadvantaged social backgrounds. The children are given analogue cameras and shoot their own photographs of people, places and moments they encounter. Sales of the photos as prints ensures them a twelve-year school education.

To do even more for the children in Manila, an AME merch collection has now been designed – which supports the children’s school education 100 percent. For the launch, AME founder Nico Klein-Allermann and lifestyle photographer Anatol Gottfried shot the collection in Barcelona. Attention to detail meets energy-packed creative freedom. Full of life and spontaneity, the photos show what the AME photo project means to the children. Capturing the essence of life itself.

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Photographers • NEW at GoSee : DAVID MAURER, photographer, director & content creator from Frankfurt am Main; we present you his VW POLO campaign for DDB Voltage

20.07.2021 • Gimme some color and make it pop! For the world premier of the brand-new sixth POLO generation, GoSee Member DAVID MAURER makes the air vibrate in colorful worlds of orange and blue for VW. The agency was DDB Voltage with Executive Creative Director Christof Deutscher, Art Directors Heitor Buchalla and Nina Martinelli, as well as art buying by Valerie Opitz. Trey Digital Studio took care of post production.

DDB founded the agency Voltage Worldwide, headquartered in Berlin, in 2019 for renowned major client Volkswagen. The agency consists meanwhile of fourteen offices worldwide with more than 460 employees. In 2020, around 50 models were manufactured all over the world under the Volkswagen brand. The new POLO is available in dealerships starting at € 16,000. GoSee :

About – David Maurer. Born in the mid-seventies and after assisting various photographers in the field of people and transportation photography, he explored the world, working on cruise ships for eight months, traveling to the north polar region, to Antarctica and to South America. Upon...

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