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Shop • SLANTED PUBLISHERS presents you the book ‘INSTANT NUDES’ on GoSee.NEWS

01.08.2021 • “Over the years, the collection of intimate instant photos of the makers of PHOTODARIUM Private, a tear-off calendar with fascinating photos of international photographers from all over the world, has been growing. They are now opening the archive to present a curated selection in the beautifully produced book INSTANT NUDES.

Presented in the photo book INSTANT NUDES is the work of eleven photographers who only use instant images to capture erotic moments. Some of the photographs are revealing, some more discreet. What they all have in common is their reverence for a beautiful body. Because of its authenticity, the medium of the instant photo is the antithesis of digital photography. Instant photos enhance the erotic-voyeuristic moment through their intimacy, uniqueness and materiality, often not perfect and therefore all the more authentic, provocative and yet differentiated.

In their everyday working lives, models are projection screens for social ideas of beauty. They are staged by the photographers and a whole staff of stylists and hair & make-up artists. It is different with...

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Shop • GoSee Book Tip : GRAPHIC CONTENT by Raban Ruddigkeit – 50 graphic commentaries for Berlin daily paper DER TAGESSPIEGEL all bound in a glossy cover

28.07.2021 • In 2015, Raban Ruddigkeit started a weekly graphic commentary for Berlin daily paper DER TAGESSPIEGEL. Up until today, some 250 works have been published, from which around 50 have been selected for this black & white compilation, in addition to several personal graphic works which were created for social media and personal projects.⁠

RABAN RUDDIGKEIT – GRAPHIC CONTENT, 106 pages, English, Din A 5, black & white, paperback, glossy cover, published by Melville Brand Design, With an introduction by Holm Friebe, available for € 10 + shipping under

Raban is one of the most awarded creatives in Germany (Der Tagesspiegel) and one of the top 50 in Europe (Designfriends Luxembourg). In 2012, Ruddigkeit’s Atelier was awarded the Rookie Agency Of The Year Award by ADC for Germany. In 2016, his weekly graphic commentaries in DER TAGESSPIEGEL were awarded Illustration of the Year by the Lead Academy.

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Shop • 'FREISTIL 7 - The Bible of Illustration' with 400 pages of exciting works by 157 illustrators from all over the world as a treasure trove, trend radar and source of inspiration

23.07.2021 • FREISTIL – The Bible of Illustration #7, 2021, has just been published. Title topic: 'Illustraction'. Edited & designed by Raban Ruddigkeit. With more than 600 color illustrations by more than 150 illustrators from ten countries, as well as a portrait of Art Spiegelman, interviews with Mahdi Karimzâde from Iran, Edel Rodríguez Molano from Kuba and Victoria Lomasko from Russia, plus remembering Honoré Daumier, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Käthe Kollwitz, Georg Grosz, and John Heartfield.⁠

“Illustration is more than the depiction of reality. Illustration exaggerates and intervenes,” Raban Ruddigkeit writes in the meanwhile seventh edition of FREISTIL. The hardcover book with two bookmarks and a cover made of stone paper in eight special colors, plays with the colors of the rainbow, the central theme of FREISTIL, for the seventh time and feels so good in your hand that you won’t want to put the Bible of Illustration back down again…

Editor Raban Rudigkeit continues: “Illustration is always more than the pure depiction of what is seen. It interprets and focuses. Illustrators create...

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Shop • Karen Marshall photographs ‘Between Girls’, a 30-year meditation on friendship now as a book at KEHRER Publishing

19.07.2021 • In 1985, Karen Marshall began photographing a group of teenagers in New York City. Her intent was to show the emotional bonds between girls at the age of sixteen and document the emblematic relationships they often develop at that time. Ten months later, Molly, a girl from the group, died in a car accident, upon which Marshall decided to continue the project. This led to ‘Between Girls’ evolving into an observation of friendship over a period of 30 years.

Karen Marshall : “In the fall of 1985, I met Molly Brover, a bright, exuberant 16-year-old high school junior, and asked if I could photograph her and her friends. Enthusiastic to show me her Upper West Side girl world, Molly agreed, and I was soon privy to her ever-rotating group of girlfriends, spending time with the teenagers on a regular basis and documenting the everyday rituals of their friendship.

Molly was a vibrant and impulsive girl. She had a larger-than-life personality with wisdom beyond her years. Behind the façade of social advisor and fun-loving friend was a deeply sensitive thinker who had yet to find her...

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Shop • “I tell of a necessary exile, which has filled me with obsessions related to the encounter with and the search for my demons.” – the book Blood Orange / Naranja de sangre by Liza Ambrossio, appearing at KEHRER VERLAG

12.07.2021 • The Mexican photographer’s images conjure a world that is at the same time strange, brutal, and beautiful. It all starts with a mental image: an orange that is bleeding. Infected with the aesthetics of Japanese counterculture and Aztec rituals of human sacrifice as a form of poetics, and where cannibalism is presented as a sign to demonstrate contempt for exasperation, Liza Ambrossio mixes performance, spatial intervention, video, installation, techniques of psychological manipulation, science fiction, eroguru, and witchcraft.

Liza Ambrossio (*1993) is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Spain, France, and Mexico. Her first book entitled ‘The Rage of Devotion’ was considered one of the most interesting photo books of the year 2018. Her work has been exhibited internationally and has received multiple awards, including the PHotoESPAÑA Descubrimientos, the Prix de Voies Off in Arles, and the Prix pour la photographie Musée duquai Branly.

From the text by Liza Ambrossio: “Blood Orange was created after years of a nomadic life in different countries which have allowed me...

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