23.11.2020  •  Advertising NEWS


‘TECHNOLOGY – SHOT WITH LOVE’ industry & corporate photographer WOLFRAM SCHROLL presents his new showreel with industrial film clips on GoSee



Showreel of industrail filmclips 2019 / 2020

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The industrial film, according to WOLFRAM SCHROLL, brings out the aesthetics of the everyday. “Visual perception changes, and photographers become film producers. I too create film material alongside my photography. Jobs for which previously two different teams were usually booked are taken care of by the photographer alone today. I, for my part, love to film. This can range anywhere from industrial films, short clips for an elevator pitch, an industry video for presentations, social media, websites or just video material for the company archive. My films are mostly very similar to my photography, and my clients appreciate it. Plus, there’s always the practical aspect – when the photographer is there anyway,” industry photographer WOLFRAM SCHROLL tells GoSee.

“Similar to my photos, I also visualize the day-to-day routines of manufacturing companies in my industrial film productions in a unique way. The focus is mainly on the machines, whose precision, complexity and the fascinating way they work, perfectly reflect the technical innovation which we, hardly ever astonished by it anymore, take for granted today.”