18.01.2024  •  Advertising NEWS


KÄRCHER celebrates the lovebirds, the couldn’t-care-lessers, the mic droppers … with the new spot by director Ruben RIERMEIER c/o JULIA WALDMANN – and meet Julia in person on both days at UPDATE-24-BERLIN

‘You do you.’ And the autonomous KÄRCHER vacuum cleaner ‘brings back the WOW for you’. Director Ruben RIERMEIER c/o JULIA WALDMANN is to thank for the extremely entertaining and vivid spot for the KÄRCHER robot vacuum.

KÄRCHER commissioned photographer and director Ruben RIERMEIER c/o JULIA WALDMANN once again with directing and photographing for a global campaign.

This time, it was all about the company’s RCF product. The RCF 3 robot mop is based on Kärcher’s tried-and-tested roller technology, enabling it especially to clean hard floors more efficiently. It is equipped with carpet detection – which makes it suitable for all households.

And meet Hamburg-based agent JULIA WALDMANN – an exhibitor on both days – at UPDATE-24-BERLIN.

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