03.05.2023  •  Agencies NEWS


Elegant on the outside, electric on the inside – CONTINENTAL PRODUCTIONS presents a 1-minute spot for the LANCIA PU+RA HPE Concept Car by Director duo Maison Vignaux


Conti X Lancia

Director: Maison Vignaux
DOP: Emmanuel Bernard
Client: Lancia (Sergio Munao / Teresa Mendicino / Simone Gigante)
Advertising Agency: Armando Testa / Chris Gkekas / Raffaelle Bladucci / Federica Tos
Producer: Manuel Morales
Post Production: Reepost

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Imagine a new day for mobility… – “With the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, Lancia’s journey into the future begins – drawing inspiration from the past. From the iconic round headlights reminiscent of the legendary Stratos, to the horizontal lines that echo the famous Venetian blind-inspired structure of the Lancia Beta HPE of the 1970s. A perfect symbiosis of past and present, purity and radicality, innovation and emotion.” LANCIA.

The spot was directed by Maison Vignaux, and production was in the hands of CONTINENTAL PRODUCTIONS. The agency responsible was Armando Testa with Chris Gkekas, Raffaelle Bladucci as well as Federica Tos.

The Lancia Pu+Ra HPE evolved from the Pu+Ra Zero concept, and the acronym HPE stands for ‘High Performance Electric.’ The all-electric design study grants a glimpse of the vehicle models Lancia will bring to the table in the coming decade.

Lancia plans to launch three new models by 2028. The Pu+Ra HPE concept car is a definite harbinger of the style elements awaiting drivers on the future Yspilon, Delta and Aurelia. The interior of the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, by the way, is the result of a collaboration between Lancia and Cassina, two renowned exponents of Made in Italy.

Founded in 1906, the automobile manufacturer LANCIA, with headquarters in Turin, was acquired by Italian carmaker Fiat in 1969 and has been among the brands owned by the multinational automotive manufacturing corporation Stellantis since 2021. When PSA and FCA merged to form Stellantis in 2021, Carlos Tavares (CEO) committed to making investments in the Lancia brand for at least ten years. Models will be available for purchase outside of Italy once again starting in 2024. But first, the new trailblazing design study was recently unveiled in April 2023 with the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE concept.

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