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31.01.2024  •  Agencies NEWS


Turn your day into a special moment… Hair & Makeup by Kristin RØS c/o BASICS.BERLIN for the MASTERCARD ‘STREAMING Subscription’ campaign film


BASICS BERLIN: Hair and Make-up by Kristin Røs for Mastercard "Streaming-Abo" Campaign

MASTERCARD Campaign Hair & Makeup: Kristin Røs c/o Basics Berlin Regie: Jen Krause DOP: Diara Sow Production: Bubbles Film GmbH

Director: Jen Krause
DOP: Diara Sow
Client: Mastercard
Production: Bubbles Film GmbH
Hair & Make-up: Kristin Røs c/o Basics

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Just how fast the one-person-pays card becomes an everyone-is-watching card is demonstrated in the new MASTERCARD campaign film by director Jen Krause. It was produced by Bubbles Film GmbH.

On set for hair & makeup as well as grooming was Kristin RØS c/o BASICS.BERLIN.  

As of 1 July, 2023, no more new giro cards with the Maestro symbol have been issued because they no longer meet the needs of bank and savings bank customers according to MASTERCARD. Banks and savings banks issued the cards under license with Mastercard and will gradually replace Maestro cards with the modern Debit Mastercard when they expire or are lost.

Upgrading to the Debit Mastercard, the ec card popular in Germany, enables customers to make online payments and to pay worldwide at more than 100 million acceptance locations, which are only available for Mastercard.

Mastercard Incorporated, with headquarters in Purchase, New York, is a publicly listed payments network service provider which had around 29,900 employees in 2022. Alongside Visa, Mastercard is one of the two major international payment card companies.

DOP Diara Sow
CLIENT Mastercard
PRODUCTION Bubbles Film GmbH
HAIR & MAKEUP Kristin Røs c/o Basics

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