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ART ‘Human//Nature’ by Astrid Verhoef, an ode to imagination itself, presented in a solo exhibition at Atelier K84 by Koster Fine Art Gallery Amsterdam

18.03.2024 • Astrid Verhoef explores the connection between humans and nature in the most solitary places on Earth. With ‘Human//Nature’, she has created an almost religious experience. She travels the world to find such secluded places, and her photographs are self-portraits printed in a limited edition.

In cooperation with Atelier K84 in Amsterdam, Koster Fine Art Gallery is hosting a solo exhibition by Dutch fine art photographer Astrid Verhoef from 5 April through 11 May 2024. For the first time, the gallery is presenting an extensive survey of her award-winning series ‘Human//Nature’ with surreal black and white photographs shot in locations in the Netherlands, Spain and the US. The exhibition will be on display at Atelier K84, an inspiring art space in the heart of Amsterdam.

“A true urbanite, Astrid Verhoef explores her personal connection to the natural world. The complicated relationship between humans and nature is a common thread throughout her work. When she places herself in desolate landscapes, an anonymous character arises that wants to connect with her surroundings. However, her...

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ART A Maserati in front of the gigantic desert land art installations of Hannsjörg Voth - a project by photographer Nick Meek and RECOM on GoSee NEWS

27.02.2024 • The Voth Maroc Foundation granted photographer Nick Meek permission to photograph works of art by Hannsjörg Voth. Which is why he took a trip to the Moroccan desert together with RECOM, where the archetypal objects – the ‘Stairway to Heaven’, the ‘Golden Spiral’ and the ‘City of Orion’ – are located. Voth constructed his ‘Stairway to Heaven’, whose 52 steps lead up into nothingness, using clay and stone. In the ‘Golden Spiral’, you can descend into the depths of a well.

The shadows cast by the desert land art installations, along with the beautiful golden light, got us thinking about this automotive story, and the lines of the Maserati Boomerang seem to work perfectly with the architecture. Both pieces of art feel lost in time, almost from another world,” says Nick Meek.

RECOM : “Over a series of dawn shoots, Nick and Christoph Bolten (RECOM) discussed what could be added to these unique structures, to counterpoint their amazing forms and jaw-dropping arid landscape setting, before settling on a 1972 Maserati concept car in gold. The smooth angles and precise lines of the car...

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ART GoSee Book Tip : Michael Joseph 'Lost & Found' - the story of American wanderlust, told through portraits of travelers, appearing at Kehrer Publishing

07.02.2024 • Lost & Found’ documents a contemporary American subculture of young travelers through raw, striking portraiture and intimate storytelling. These travelers, as they are referred to, abandon home to move around the country by hitchhiking and freight train hopping in a nomadic, transient existence outside of mainstream society. On their personal journey, driven by wanderlust, escapism, or a search for transient jobs, they find a new family in their traveling friends. The high of freedom, however, does not come without consequence.

Like graffiti on the walls of the city streets they inhabit and the trains they ride, their bodies and faces become the visual storybook of their lives. Their clothing is often a mismatch of found items. Jackets, pants and vests are self-made like a patchwork quilt, using fabric pieces of a fellow traveler’s clothing embellished by metal bottle caps, buttons, safety pins, lighter parts, syringe caps, and patches.

Joseph’s black and white portraits are made in public, on the street, using natural light. His portraits reveal the human condition. They capture...

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ART The Picto Fashion Photography Award 2024 is looking for the best projects by aspiring young photographers - with the support of Olivier Jezequel, an agent at LGA Management

01.02.2024 • Olivier Jezequel from the renowned agency LGA Management, based in Paris and London, is supporting the Picto Fashion Photography Award in 2024. Together with other leading authorities of the photography and art world, he is on the lookout for exciting photography projects by young photographers under the age of thirty. And we have all the details for you.

“For this 26th edition, the Picto Foundation continues to focus on emerging artists and has complemented the Picto Fashion Photography Award with a new grant designed to support young artists in establishing a foothold in the market.

Since 1998, the Picto Fashion Photography Award has been discovering new talent by awarding a style that contributes to photographic creation in the service of fashion and luxury: the originality of the artistic signature and the inspiration sparked by the series will be the assets highlighted by this historic grant with the support of Leica. The le19M de la Photographie des Métiers d’Art grant identifies a signature capable of developing original creative proposals within the fashion crafts: the...

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ART GoSee Tip : Barbara Wolff ‘NEW YORK, SIDEWALK CLOSED’ black & white photographs from New York (2023), appearing at Publishing House LUNIK Berlin

29.01.2024 • Following the success of the ‘METROPOLIS, BERLIN’ photo book – which received the German Photo Book Award in Silver in 2021/22 – photographer Barbara Wolff and Publishing House Lunik Berlin are now presenting their second photo book, ‘NEW YORK, SIDEWALK CLOSED’.

The photographs were taken during a month-long stay in New York in June, 2023. In almost timeless black and white photographs, the photographer shows us the New York of today, as a post-pandemic city that is rising after a dark and destructive time. For her stay, she chose accommodation in four of New York’s boroughs, enabling her to find perspectives in the transition between different environments. She wandered around the big city with light camera equipment – at times accompanied by local photographers who contacted her through her daily Instagram posts. And precisely these followers pushed her photo stories forward.

A much photographed city, she was nonetheless able to wrest her own images with her very own take on the breadth and depth of New York. Indeed, the precision of her imagery reveals many levels of New York...

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