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ART ‘Aurora’ - floral arrangements by Amy CURRELL c/o JSR AGENCY at Leica Gallery London

06.11.2023 • On display at Leica Gallery London from 3 – 19 November, 2023 is the solo exhibition of the ‘Aurora’ series by Amy CURRELL c/o JSR AGENCY.

Currell weaves together the timeless beauty of flowers with the celestial colors of the aurora borealis. These large-format photographs, created in Amy’s signature blend of mesmerizing hues, pull you into a contemporary world of color and singular detail. The show draws inspiration from classical floral subjects of the 17th century Dutch masters, bringing a gentle sense of romanticism and softness. The work immediately invites viewers to immerse themselves in the vibrancy of the image and offers a fleeting chance to retreat from the outside world.”

Photographer and Director Amy Currell was born in East London, where she lives and works. Her stills and moving images are shot through a distinctively female lens, and each frame is intricately composed, artfully juxtaposing color and texture, shape and shadow. Amy draws narratives using shadows, finds warmth and refraction in liquids, and blends CGI techniques with traditional still life...

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ART ‘More than Us’ - the LAVAZZA 2024 Calendar presents works by Thandiwe Muriu (Kenya), Daniel Obasi (Nigeria) and Aart Verrips (South Africa) as an homage to the unique diversity of Africa

02.11.2023 • “Alone, we go fast, but together, we go further.” This year, the #LavazzaCalendar2024 tells a tale about the beauty of coming together to create something greater. The miracle of thinking beyond our own perceived limits and becoming #MoreThanUs. Fueled by the energy and creativity of Africa, Lavazza is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Fondazione Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza, to reaffirm the power of values such as commitment, sharing and empowerment.

Three artists in a dialogue on the value of collaboration between people, organizations and ideas: The Lavazza 2024 Calendar is a choral project by African photographers Thandiwe Muriu (Kenya), Daniel Obasi (Nigeria) and Aart Verrips (South Africa), describing and promoting the concept of partnership in every sense. Starting from the ability to be welcoming towards others – a nod to the Lavazza 2023 calendar ‘Yes, we’re open’ – this year's project takes it a step further, exploring the beauty of partnership, of reciprocal inspiration, of forming a union on the basis of mutual respect.

Lavazza Group Board Member Francesca...

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ART ‘Photographic Studies of Dancers from the Royal Danish Ballet’ - experimental photography by Per Morten ABRAHAMSEN c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

23.10.2023 • Per Morten ABRAHAMSEN c/o ANDREA HEBERGER accompanied ballet dancers with his camera, for which he experimented with long exposure times and movement.

The Danish photographer has garnered a reputation, with his radical and instinctive methods, as a true master of staged portraiture and the tableau narrative. As a photographer, he is constantly in search of the defining uniqueness of his subjects, while simultaneously casting them as props in his internal and autobiographical storylines.

Among Per Morten Abrahamsen’s most impactful subjects were dancers, and dance as an art form has since been a strongly recurring theme of his work. Particularly his relationship with The Royal Danish Ballet has influenced his images. The studies have been published in a book at Forlaget Aftryk.

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ART The book ‘WATER COLUMN’ by artist duo Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs whisks you away to the world beneath the water surface, appearing at Edition Patrick Frey, 2023

03.10.2023 • The depths of the sea have always kindled human imagination, for this is a realm in which anything seems possible, a vast screen onto which we project all sorts of bizarre notions and phantasmagorical visions. The deep sea obeys other laws, other rules, and more and more evidence suggests we might even find our origins there – and, in its storied layers of sediment, our ultimate end. Using a wide range of cutting-edge photographic tools and inventions, Swiss artist duo Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs (both *1979) explore this uncharted world and create visual scenarios that inextricably fuse scientific research and science fiction.

WATER COLUMN’ revolves around a place, a realm, that directly surrounds us and yet for most of us is as distant and alien as only the vastness of space could be: the world beneath the surface of the water. Only through the use of elaborate technology are we able to dive ever deeper and explore these uncharted waters. Exploration however inevitably leads to exploitation, and we’re liable to destroy this underwater world before we even get a close look at it,...

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ART GoSee Book Tip : Rainer Zerback presents the last traces of human civilization in his monography ‘The World Without Us’ (Kerber Publishing)

21.09.2023 • What would happen if humankind were to disappear? What would planet earth be like without us? In his monograph ‘The World Without Us’, Rainer Zerback (b. 1958) shows us such a world – in quiet images, shimmering with heat but without any trace of apocalyptic bluster. Targeted post production shifts a sharper focus onto individual everyday items. Merely traces of human civilization remain: cars, electricity pylons, all kinds of different dwellings. What at first glance gives the impression of peaceful seclusion, is upon second glance unsettling and disconcerting.

Rainer Zerback explores these traces in his photographic work. Which explains why in earlier series he has also dealt with mass tourism just as much as traces of industries of the past in urban space.

Rainer Zerback began ‘Contemplationes’ at the end of the 1990s and continued the series until 2022. It comprises a total of sixty-nine works, fifty of which are collected for the first time in this publication. In her accompanying text, cultural scientist Lotte Dinse for the first time in reception history develops the...

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