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ART Fotografiska Berlin - Opening on 14 September 2023 with ‘NUDE’ by 30 female artists, ‘Whiteface’ by Candice Breitz and new works by multimedia artist and performer Juliana Huxtable

21.09.2023 • After four years of development, Fotografiska Berlin – The Contemporary Museum of Photography, Art and Culture is opening its doors to the public on 14 September, 2023, during Berlin Art Week. It is located on Oranienburger Straße in Berlin Mitte in a six-floor building spanning an area of around 5.500 m².

Whiteface by Candice Breitz serves as a powerful commentary on issues of race, representation, and performative identity – it will be among the three inaugural exhibitions at Fotografiska Berlin. NUDE is an international production of Fotografiska featuring the work of 30 female-identifying artists from 20 countries whose artwork challenges traditional constructs around body politics. Also presented are unreleased works by Juliana Huxtable. The artist is known for her multidisciplinary artwork, in which she explores the topics of gender, ethnicity, identity, queerness and sexuality.

“We are proud to present the largest European solo exhibition of Juliana Huxtable, which will embody the artistic trajectory of this multifaceted artist. Starting with her essayistic approach to...

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ART Plastic Madonna - a project exploring the issue of plastic pollution by artist Matteo BERTOLIO c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS

20.09.2023 • The concept behind this artistic endeavor by Matteo BERTOLIO c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS revolves around drawing attention to the detrimental impact of plastic pollution on our planet and its oceans.

In collaboration with Carolina Mazzolari, an artist and performer based in London, Matteo drew inspiration from the iconic statue of the CRISTO VELATO located within the Chapel San Severo in Naples. This juxtaposition allowed them to explore a profound transformation, symbolizing the shift from the enduring beauty of marble to the ubiquity of plastic pollution. This transformation is embodied in our creation, referred to as ‘Polyurethane Woman Crist,’ a representation that bridges the realm of the sacred Mother of the sea while allowing viewers to embrace their individual interpretations without the imposition of a predefined title.

Their work was showcased during Plastic Free Day in Italy in March 2023, gaining visibility across various social media platforms and events. It serves as a visual testament to the stark contrast between the everlasting nature of marble and the enduring...

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ART ESTHER HAASE is the key speaker at Photopia in Hamburg, with the ‘Je t’aime’ exhibition at the Leica Gallery booth, plus an ArtDrop with WhiteWall incl. an artist talk

19.09.2023 • PHOTOPIA Hamburg opened its doors from 21 to 24 September at the Exhibition Hall and Congress now for the third time, promising a program fully packed for inspiration and creativity. ESTHER HAASE was represented there not one but multiple times.

Stop by and enjoy my talk ! On Friday, 22 September, 2023, ESTHER HAASE made an appearance as key speaker at 3pm (Photopia Stage Hall A4). The keynote was a talk with Jasmin Seck, an art historian with a main focus on photography.

Moreover, Leica is presenting the exhibition Esther Haase ‘Je t’aime’ in the gallery of her trade fair booth, printed by WhiteWall. This was accompanied by an artist talk on Saturday, 23 September, 2023, at 2:40pm. For this purpose, Esther will have a conversation with Ulla Born, curator of the Leica Gallery Düsseldorf, in the Leica gallery of the booth.

The series photographed with the Leica S shows photographic moments in a wonderful short story. ‘The series ‘Je t’aime’ pays homage to Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, idols of the exhilarating 60s and 70s, the period I was born into. The series was created as an...

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ART ‘THE LEGEND - TUPAC’ – the new XL coffee table book photographed by Michel Haddi

18.09.2023 • This month (the month that 2Pac sadly left this world in 1996), Michel Haddi is launching a 40-page, oversized glossy book dedicated to the late legendary rapper and actor Tupac Amaru Shakur, AKA 2Pac – who is widely considered to be one of the most influential rappers of all time and is definitely among the best-selling music artists.

2023 is also a year which celebrates 50 years of hip hop and rap music. The launch of this limited edition (500 worldwide) numbered book features quotes from Tupac who, in 1993, was lensed by Michel Haddi for a series of captivating images – now compiled for the first time in ‘The Legend – Tupac’. It pays ultimate tribute to 2Pac in a portfolio of monochromatic shots in a 45x30cm, 40-page, signed and numbered edition.

“l am happy to present this gem of a book : ‘The Legend – Tupac’ with many of its images featured previously unseen to this day,” says Michel Haddi. “The sad thing is, in my lab in New York City, all of my archives were stolen. So what remains here is a collection of very unique images to share and enjoy of this timeless icon known as...

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ART MATTHIAS DAVID presents an exhibition by photographer SARAH ZAK during Berlin Art Week in the bar ‘Hier wo Du strahlst’ in Berlin-Mitte

14.09.2023 • During Berlin Art Week, Matthias David is exhibiting photos by his photographer friend SARAH ZAK starting on 14 September ’23 at his bar Hier wo du strahlst (Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 20, 10177 Berlin). So if you can’t find the time for galleries, the trade show, events… during the day – then how about coming to the bar for a bit of art in the evening?

Sarah Zak’s preferred motifs are of young women. In the intimate moments of her series ‘Sarah likes pretty girls’, the beauty of their individuality is revealed. Her portraits tell stories, unveil emotions and create a special connection between the photographer and her models.

Photographer Matthias David personally calls the world his home. He films and photographs fashion, people and landscapes in Australia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Paris, Thessaloniki, Berlin and Antartica for brands, the advertising industry and his new upcoming book projects ‘Girls Around the World’. Here on GoSee, Matthias David has an appetizer with helicopter shots of Hollywood and the cold ice of Antartica for you, … and he will soon present his new...

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