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Celebrity • Agency visit with ‘It’s a Park’ designer Cristina Carulla in Barcelona – photos by Jochen ARNDT c/o STILLSTARS

22.11.2021 • Cristina Carulla Studio is a design firm with headquarters in Barcelona. Since it was founded in 2015, the studio has focused on fulfilling the needs of its clients while, at the same time, respecting basic grace, warmth and authenticity as core values – regardless of the scale and budget of the project. Cristina Carulla : “We collaborate with an array of close architects, engineers, graphic designers, and artists to make sure we have full control of each project and its outcomes.”

STILLSTARS : “Monochromatic highlights pull together Jochen Arndt’s capture of Berlin’s ‘It’s a Park’ designer Cristina Carulla at her stunning Barcelona-based studio."

GoSee : cristinacarulla.com & stillstars.com

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Celebrity • Little Simz aka Simbiatu Ajikawo in the ‘Joyful’ issue of BLANC magazine – photos by Daniel BENSON c/o MAKING PICTURES

17.11.2021 • “Joy is contagious. When you spread your happiness to others, it doesn’t deplete your supply. Quite the opposite. The pleasure you feel increases when you pass it on to others. Joy replenishes itself as it is shared. To be joyful then is to both give and receive those sweet moments. We can keep them as a balm against our workaday world. We can always choose Joy.” says BLANC magazine about the latest issue. British with Nigerian roots, Little Simz, aka Simbiatu Ajikawo, is a rapper, singer, producer and actress – and the cheerful cover star of BLANC magazine, photographed by Daniel BENSON c/o MAKING PICTURES.

About – Blanc is a creative platform which presents a diverse and underrepresented perspective of the fashion, art and music world. We are a quarterly print magazine showcasing a variety of talent both established and undiscovered from various countries across the world.

GoSee : blancmagazine.com & making-pictures.com

Photographer Daniel Benson
Stylist Luci Ellis
Make-up Nibras using Dior
Hair Chantelle Fulle
Photo Assistant Arthur Comeley
Production Sticker Studios


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Celebrity • What’s your story of progress? – Michael KROSNY c/o ANDREA HEBERGER portrays AUDI ambassadors for the fully-electric Audi e-tron GT campaign

10.11.2021 • “What’s your story of progress? Embracing change. Audi ambassadors, professional drivers, creatives and well-known personalities – they all have one thing in common, a vision of a more sustainable tomorrow. Watch as these progressive thinkers take a seat and share their stories.

A campaign for the fully-electric Audi e-tron GT. This time, it’s not just about a car, it’s about us and how we ignite our true selves – featuring Marc Lichte, Nico Rosberg or Robert Lewandowski among others. Followed by the launch of the Audi Q4 e-tron in season two with two World Champions: Anna Gasser and Malaika Mihambo.”

Michael KROSNY c/o ANDREA HEBERGER portrayed AUDI ambassadors for the fully-electric Audi e-tron GT campaign.

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Celebrity • ‘Almost Like at Home : Welcome to the world of artist Oskar Rink’ – portrayed for AD Germany by Robert RIEGER c/o EMEIS DEUBEL

09.11.2021 • AD Germany commissioned Robert RIEGER c/o EMEIS DEUBEL to portray Oskar Rink, who lives in Leipzig, in her studio apartment for the #thirtysomething series.

As an artist, she spends a lot of time in her studio. So she transformed the spacious industrial hall into a cozy loft. “I love the blend of fantasy and reality, and create dream worlds with my work : When I paint on a large canvas, it feels as if I could really walk into an image. Why I react to shapes and spaces in the way I do, well that’s something I am still exploring myself,” the artist tells AD.

Oskar is the daughter of painter and President of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig who passed in 2017, and practically spent her childhood in his art studio. He is considered a trailblazer and teacher of what is referred to as the Leipzig School.

“I often humanize objects : Chairs are friends. When I am sitting in the studio chair of my father, I am always closer to him than in the cemetery.” You can read the interview as always via the link below.

GoSee : ad-magazin.de//oskar-rink-wohnatelier-interview &
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Celebrity • LS PRODUCTIONS produces for the British VOGUE December issue with the First Minister of Scotland, the thoroughbred European Nicola Sturgeon before the COP26

04.11.2021 • The shoot with Nicola Sturgeon took place ahead of the COP26 in Glasgow at Bute House in Edinburgh’s New Town district, the official residence of the First Minister of Scotland. LS PRODUCTIONS has worked with British Vogue on a number of beautiful projects over the years. This shoot was a fantastic opportunity to produce with such a high-profile politician in the city where LS PRODUCTIONS is headquartered – and even before the major climate summit.

On Wikipedia, we read about the charismatic Scot : “Among Sturgeon’s first political acts, in addition to advocating for Scottish independence, were her support of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament as well as strong criticism of the social consequences of Margaret Thatcher’s conservative austerity policies. She still stands by both positions to this day. She describes herself as a feminist, and following her meeting with Theresa May, she described both women as role models for young girls, who prove that nothing is impossible. She has made equal rights one of her most important agendas, and her cabinet is the first in the United...

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