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08.01.2021 • Sandro BAEBLER c/o SEVERIN WENDELER portrayed mountain climber Nirmal Purja for RED BULL in the French Alps. In days of old, Sherpas once helped others climb to their heights and are now in the spotlight today: NIMS PURJA has climbed all fourteen mountains at over 8,000 meters in record time. The former record was seven years, ten months and six days. Purja planned to ascend them in only seven months. He managed to do so in only six months and six days, which has catapulted the elite soldier into the limelight of a broader audience.

Plus, he is an advocate against climate change: “I never believed in it, but when I climbed the Ama Dablam in 2014, we had enough snow to melt and cook in Camp 1. When I was there again in 2018, we had to carry up gallons of water from the base camp. That’s when I realized : Oh my God, this craziness is real!… We are all part of this catastrophe. I will use my energy and growing influence to convince people of it. I believe we have the next two decades to solve the problem.”

Because if he has learned one thing on his expeditions climbing mountains over...

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Celebrity • Radka Leitmeritz photographs actor Pedro Pascal at Budapest’s Hotel Gellért for ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY January 2021 – styling by JANA KAPOUNOVA

08.01.2021 • American actor of Chilean heritage, José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal, is known by audiences worldwide thanks to his roles in the TV series Buffy, GoT, Narcos and, most recently, The Mandalorian. Radka Leitmeritz photographed the actor for the January 2021 issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY at the famous Hotel Gelért, one of the best addresses in Budapest. He was styled for the shoot by JANA KAPOUNOVA with fashion by big players such as Fendi, Prada, Loewe, Etro, Valentino, … and the multifaceted actor has just made an appearance in Wonder Woman 1984.

Hotel Gellért, which was named after Saint Gerard of Csanád (Gellért in Hungarian) and belongs to the Danubius Hotels Group today, was built between 1912 and 1918 together with the adjoining Gellért Baths spa in the style of the Vienna Secession and is located on the right bank of the Danube next to the Freedom Bridge at the foot of the Gellért Mountain. GoSee : danubiushotels.com//danubius-hotel-gellert

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Celebrity • ‘A day with ...’ American actor Ian Somerhalder in the cover story for NOBLEMAN magazine – photographed by Robert ASCROFT c/o SEVERIN WENDELER

27.12.2020 • Jesse Sterling writes : “It’s another hot and sunny day in Southern California, making October feel like the middle of summer. Driving through a labyrinth of backstreets in beautiful Encino, I’m on my way to meet a bonafide Hollywood star. Ian Somerhalder, 41, is a model, actor, director, producer, activist, and entrepreneur. Most would immediately recognize Somerhalder’s handsome face from hit TV shows ‘Lost’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’. When Ian’s starring role in the Netflix series ‘V Wars’ recently came to a premature halt, he didn’t throw a pity party; instead he turned to filmmaking (Kiss the Ground), activism (The Ian Somerhalder Foundation), and entrepreneurism (Brother’s Bond bourbon). Above all, Somerhalder is an environmentalist and family man. But let’s start at the beginning...”

The Hollywood beau and animal & eco activist was photographed by Robert ASCROFT c/o SEVERIN WENDELER. GoSee : noblemanmagazine.com/ian-somerhalder

About – Ian Joseph Somerhalder, born 8 December, 1978, is an American actor, model, activist, and director. Ian was born and raised in the small...

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Celebrity • GoSee MUST-HAVE : ‘FILMSCAPES – a method of working by Denis Piel’ – iconic fashion spreads from VOGUE (1979 to 1989) with previously unreleased tear sheets including the stories behind them on more than 300 pages in a limited edition illustrated book

19.12.2020 • “The world in which a man lives shapes itself chiefly by the way in which he looks at it.” Schopenhauer. “And this is how I look at this period of my life.” Denis Piel, 2020.

FILMSCAPES is a wonderful retrospective by DENIS PIEL, one of the most influential fashion photographers of the 20th century. It features models and actresses such as Andie MacDowell, with and without couture, or waiting on set, alongside tear sheets from his VOGUE and VOGUE ITALIA years, spanning a period from the late 1970s through the late 80s. These photos tell the stories behind his cinematic editorials as well as give readers a glimpse at the artistic creative process.

Denis tells GoSee : “In FILMSCAPES, I explore my storytelling process. I have selected specific VOGUE shoots from 1979-1989 that were particularly seductive. The book juxtaposes my personal selections against tear sheets showing the initial images used for editorial publication. Many images from my personal edit have never been seen before. My way of looking at things came probably very early in my life. Storytelling has always been...

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Celebrity • Peter RIGAUD c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT portrays blogger and author Jaqueline Scheiber for ZEIT magazine

07.12.2020 • Author Jaqueline Scheiber is an Instagram star. She is loved most because she never puts on an act. Why does she make her life public? Scheiber is not only a social worker, she is also a blogger and columnist for an online magazine. She gained fame with her Instagram account by the name of Minusgold, which has more than 30,000 followers today. Her new book was published at the beginning of October by Kremayr & Scheriau. It has the same title which Scheiber at some point had given her life: Openness. Peter RIGAUD c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT portrayed blogger and author Jaqueline Scheiber for ZEIT magazine.

Kremayr & Scheriau publishing on the book : “Jaqueline Scheiber reflects precisely why she considers it essential to raise your own voice in order to be heard. She describes the balancing act between the public life and private life and demonstrates how ‘radical softness as a weapon’ (Lora Mathis) serves as the basis for an honest exchange, empathic debate and real change.”

Openness . 112 pages, format 12.5 x 19.0, 1st edition, Kremayr & Scheriau 2020 18.00 € incl. VAT. ISBN:...

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