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Events • Searching for the rush – a breathtaking race with jockey Per Anders Gråberg, one of Sweden’s best, for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC by DOP Joachim THORNQVIST c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

21.01.2021 • With over 10,000 races under his belt, jockey Per Anders Gråberg handles the curves of the track like a Formula One driver in this equally risky profession. Filmmaker Clara Tägtström captures the rider in slow motion using a Phantom camera. Horse racing can be dangerous for both the jockey and the horse, with factors such as weather and varying track surfaces affecting a horse’s stability. Horse welfare and safety has been of special concern in light of the spike in horse deaths at California’s Santa Anita race track. DOP was Joachim THORNQVIST c/o ANDREA HEBERGER.

You can watch the 3-minute spot from April 2019 on National Geographic in the SHORT FILM SHOWCASE. GoSee :

About – The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the world and selected by National Geographic editors. We look for work that affirms National Geographic’s belief in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world. The filmmakers created the content presented, and the opinions expressed are...

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Events • The Dattola family gives 2020 a makeover – photos by Don DIAZ c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT

19.01.2021 • Model and CEO of Quazmo Productions Chris Dattola: “2021 needed a makeover!” Don DIAZ c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT photographed the photogenic Dattola family during their relaxed home makeover, and it was all photographed at their beautiful home in San Diego, California.

About – Quazmo Productions is a video production company specializing in telling stories and showcasing people, companies and real estate through the latest video technologies. With almost twelve years as a member of the Screen Actors Guild and numerous national television spots, Chris Dattola has developed an eye for creating simple but captivating video tours. GoSee :

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Events • ‘Is Susan lonely?’ – A dance piece by Jasmine Ellis Projects, realized as a stream and photo project by Ray DEMSKI c/o UPFRONT

18.01.2021 • ‘Is Susan lonely?’ is a dance story all about self-improvement and the process behind it. Due to the stay-at-home order in Germany and the closure of all theaters, the stage project needed to be redesigned. Instead of the planned performance, a 60-minute film was streamed in December on Photos & film were taken care of by Ray DEMSKI c/o UPFRONT.

Jasmine Ellis Projects presents a cinematographic exploration of dance and music, while opening new perspectives on isolation and the relationship with our ideal selves. (Costume Designer: Sarah Kaldewey, promoted by Cultural Department of the City of Munich).

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Events • ‘Christmas Charity Drive’ – Holiday campaign with exclusive works on Alu-Dibond by SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN to benefit the Hamburg Ankerland Association

16.12.2020 • With the Christmas Charity Drive, SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN presents a beautiful Christmas project, which gives you the chance to purchase exclusive prints by photographers and do a good deed at the same time. “This year was full of challenges for all of us, which is why we would like to make a difference and support the Ankerland charity with our Christmas Charity Drive, which is particularly important for children in these difficult times.

Our photographers have put together an exclusive and carefully curated selection of their works. The motifs are available in various formats as prints on Alu-Dibond. At least 50% of the proceeds go to the Hamburg Ankerland Association.”

Ankerland is a Hamburg-based association which applies an innovative therapy concept to treat severely traumatized children, adolescents and unaccompanied refugee minors intensively and free of charge in its own trauma therapy center. It is a light house project for all of Germany. A safe haven for injured child souls. Around 50 brave little protected children come once a week for several hours of therapy, which is...

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Events • GoSee Tip : ‘SUB-MERGE Visions of the Mind, Nature and Technology’ – online print sale from 7 thru 16 December, 2020, with photographs by Ed Atkins, Harley Weir, Cédric Kouamé or Elizaveta Porodina for the British Mental Health Charity

09.12.2020 • London-based creative studio Emulsion presents SUB-MERGE: a photographic examination of the relationship between mental health, art and technology. Based on topics such as art, nature and perceptions of reality, artists including Ed Atkins, Harley Weir, Cédric Kouamé and Elizaveta Porodina each contributed a print motif. This gives shoppers the chance to purchase a wonderful print (100 £ plus shipping & packaging) and do good at the same time because proceeds from sales go to the charity organization Mind.

“We invited image makers who use technology to explore the worlds merged in our sub-conscious,” says Nick Hadfield and Creative Director Mikey Opie O’Grady from Emulsion. “We hope it will open a broader dialogue around the relationship between technology, ‘reality’ and the mind… At this time of year, the sense of loneliness and isolation is more desperate and tangible than ever before.”

SUB-MERGE is a reaction to one of our generation’s biggest challenges – our relationship with technology. Using photography in its broadest sense, we aim to encourage innovative and creative uses...

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