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EVENTS stop. think. feel. act. - Open Your Eyes Photo Festival Zurich presents photography and science in the public space - powered by EDITION LAMMERHUBER

20.09.2023 • From 8 September to 15 October, 2023, OPEN YOUR EYES is presenting a festival of creative photography for the people of Zurich – as a plea for understanding of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Themed upon ‘stop. think. feel. act.’, the festival invites guests to pause for a moment, reflect and feel the magic.

This is where world-class photography meets world-​class science – to create an entirely new communication format. To this end, Open Your Eyes, ETH Zurich and The Photo Society (TPS), an association of more than 200 National Geographic photographers, have created large-scale open-air installations in the parks, streets and squares of Zurich.

The aesthetic magic of the pictorial narrative transforms Zurich into a city of photographs and the public space into a stage set for a synthesis of the arts, the significance of which is tied to the results of scientific research and innovation. In seventeen exhibition islands, the photo festival combines documentary photography and scientific findings in a plea for peace, tolerance and community fueled by the...

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EVENTS BE HER VOICE - Matteo BERTOLIO c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS presents two photos at the exhibition dedicated to Mahsa Amini in Milan

20.09.2023 • Be Her Voice – 16 September, 2022, was the one year anniversary of the death of Iranian student Mahsa Amini. The two photos presented here on GoSee.News were shot by Matteo BERTOLIO c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS and were on display at an exhibition in Milan. Giving cause to the exhibition are the horrific conditions that continue to exist in Iran. Women are increasingly exposed to repressive measures in the Islamic republic.

Jina Masha Amini was brutally murdered in police custody – the reason for her arrest : She allegedly violated the country’s headscarf law. This was followed by nationwide protests. The regime reacted with a vicious crackdown, and thousands of Iranian women were arrested and are still being put into prison as a consequence.

The first name Jina means ‘life’, a word etymologically related to the Kurdish words for ‘woman’ (Jin) and ‘freedom’ (Jiyan) with which it shares a common root. Echoing this is he originally Kurdish, then Pan-Iranian chant of protest ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ (Kurdish ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadî’).

On the first anniversary commemorating the violent death of Jina...

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EVENTS MARY ELLEN MARK - ENCOUNTERS, LAGO DI HOMO by NAVOT MILLER and IMAGE ECOLOGY - three new exhibitions at C/O BERLIN, a first impression for you on GoSee.News

20.09.2023 • Mary Ellen Mark. Encounters’ features five iconic projects created by the photographer (1940–2015) during the 1970s and 1980s, and whose subsequent publications in book form have contributed significantly to her reputation: ‘Ward 81’ collects her documentation of women in a state mental institution in Oregon over a period of weeks; ‘Falkland Road’ is a reportage on sex workers in Mumbai; ‘Mother Teresa’s Missions of Charity’ is a visual exploration both of the woman and her mission; ‘Indian Circus’ reproduces a series depicting traveling circus families, while Mark’s award-winning ‘Streetwise’ project and subsequent ‘Tiny: Streetwise Revisited’ show her ongoing commitment to telling the story of Erin Charles, who was thirteen when they first met, and known as Tiny. Mark began the project when Tiny was living on the streets and continued photographing her (and eventually her ten children) over the next thirty years.

The group exhibition ‘Image Ecology’ presents a global cross-section of twelve innovative approaches in the form of photographs, video works and installations. The...

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EVENTS Dinner, Drinks, Dancing, … - Claudia GÖDKE c/o STILLSTARS photographs for trendy restaurant PAPILLON

20.09.2023 • “The modern and unexpected essence of high-class restaurant Papillon was masterfully captured by Claudia Gödke like no other.” Stillstars.

PAPILLON on PAPILLION : “In the heart of Berlin / City West, right next to the Zoological Garden, an exclusive dinner & dancing experience has been created: Papillon. Fusing modern design aesthetics with the seductive glamour of the 70s, Papillon reinvents mid-century style in an entirely new way and transports it into the here and now.

Papillon stands for finest quality international cuisine and excellent service underscored by an impressively conceived sound-to-light system. Our guests appreciate the classy-bold & simply-sexy lifestyle just as much as the stylish ambience – on their quest for the finer things in life: enjoying good food, nice drinks, champagne, while dancing on the table and having the time of their lives. A restaurant that becomes a soiree as soon as the kitchen closes – or, perhaps, even before…”

It’s conveniently located near Bahnhof Zoo in a former paint shop… Where today, mirrors, upholstered furniture and finest tableware...

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EVENTS 10 Years of POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2023, from 14 to 17 September 2023 at Tempelhof Airport Hangar 5-6

08.09.2023 • Berlin loves art. On 14 September, Fotografiska Berlin opens its doors. Taking place from 13 to 17 September is Berlin Art Week. And from 14 to 17 September is the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair.

The 10th POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair. … in 2023 once again in partnership with Berlin Art Week, during which the art fair is being held : “The tenth POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair is in its very special way a meeting place for creatives and everyone interested in art – a place to find inspiration, exchange ideas, meet new people and perhaps buy that special piece of art. You can look forward to an incredible international lineup and a unique blend of established artist positions and emerging young talent.”

To mark the 30th anniversary of the partnership between Berlin and Mexico City, a focus will be on selected Mexican galleries.

The special edition Academy POSITIONS will once again grant insight into the working methods of a young generation of artists. Young positions, fresh out of art school, are given the opportunity in this section to present their work and be discovered.

The curated area Selected...

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