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Cooler than the Arctic and Antarctic together : the WWF demands for the festivities at the end of the year : ‘TRANSFORM A CHRISTMAS TRADITION INTO CONSERVATION


WWF Conservation Collection

Director: Alice Fassi
DOP: Giulio Melani
Production: C41
Copywriter: Marta Corna
Set Design: Caterina Pomante
Creative Agency: Accenture Song
Creative Director: Leone

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Accenture Song and C41 proudly announce the release of the campaign for the WWF Conservation Collection. Rather than the ordinary Christmas sweaters we are all used to, the WWF Conservation Collection invites us to gift one of the four designs from the collection, made of 100% recycled and sustainable wool, to support the conservation efforts for four endangered species.

Directed by Alice Fassi and produced by C41, the video campaign opens with a nod to classic fashion films, where models often walk aimlessly, striking static and senseless poses. However, through a light-hearted yet effective tone, the narrative takes a turn as the voice-over engagingly highlights the features of the Christmas sweaters, causing the models to shed their traditional fashion personas and embody the movements of the animals depicted on their sweaters.

Models transform into creatures of the wild : one sits on the floor, playfully biting a Christmas tree like a panda; another lies belly-down, moving like a turtle; the third, with the stealthy gait of a tiger, crawls behind a small tree, shifting branches to look around; the last moves an arm as if it were an elephant’s trunk, shaking a glass snow globe containing a small animal (panda or tiger). Breaking free from the norms of a typical fashion film, they turn it into a subtle parody.

The set design plays a crucial role in bringing this idea to life. Evoking the classic Christmas fashion film aesthetic – elegant, sweet, and minimal – the setup features a neutral, colorful backdrop with elements like snow, a Christmas tree, and decorations such as glass balls and other small objects. This seemingly traditional scene awaits a transformation as models adopt animalistic movements, interacting with props and disrupting the expected ambiance.

To enhance the realism of the set, the video incorporates sound effects related to both the Christmas and animal contexts. These effects, complemented by on-set visual effects, add dynamism to the narrative. For instance, the sound of a disappearing turtle head within the sweater or the simulated trumpeting of an elephant accompanied by the tousling of the tiger’s hair adds an extra layer of parody to the story.

The WWF Conservation Collection seeks to turn the most famous Christmas tradition into something meaningful for nature. Available through radio, TV, digital, and social media channels, the campaign encourages us to embrace a festive spirit that supports wildlife conservation.

So if you want to do it right – GoSee : wwf.it/shop

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