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FILM LS PRODUCTIONS : Production services & locations for the BOOTS commercial ‘Take a Hike’ for VMLY&R/The Pharm x Hogarth for their ‘Saving Summer’ 2024 campaign

12.06.2024 • "The UK summer season is nearly upon us – so what better time than now to share with you our latest work on this fab commercial for Boots, celebrating the classic British tradition of summer plans that go slightly astray… ," LS PRODUCTIONS.

The new BOOTS campaign entitled ‘Take A Hike’ is focused on the unpredictability of summer – and is an ode to accepting that things don’t always go as expected. The commercial shows a family on their way to an outdoor adventure, before noticing their daughter mistakenly packed a BOOTS bag instead of the one with her hiking shoes. Despite the mishap, the bag saves the day because it is filled with all the summer skincare products you need for a day at the lake.

“We know life has its unscripted moments that we can’t always prepare for, but this summer we are encouraging people to embrace the unpredictability of summer and savor those authentic moments which make a British summer so memorable,” says Boots Chief Marketing Officer Pete Markey. “While we can’t predict what adventures might unfold, we can help you prepare for any situation summer might...

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FASHION GoSee CREATIVES TO WATCH : Casting Director CHISOM ABUBA, aka WHITECASTING, a pionier of diversity, is now represented by SHOTVIEW

12.06.2024 • Shotview Artists Management is delighted to welcome new Casting Director Chisom Abuba, aka WHITECASTING. Chisom’s speciality is casting people of diverse backgrounds and walks of life. His work is all about diversity of all kinds, which he makes a big part of each of his projects.

Chisom was born and raised in West Germany as the son of a Cameroonian mother and Nigerian father, and already began working in fashion as a teen. With vast knowledge of the individual areas within the fashion industry, accumulated over the course of decades, he began working as a casting director.

The names on his client list already include 10 Men Magazine, Achtung Mode, adidas, Autre Magazine, Cap 74024, Carhartt WIP, Elle, Glamcult, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Heroine Magazine, Highsnobiety, KaDeWe, KIA, Mercedes-Benz, Lacoste, Lampoon, Liebeskind Berlin, L’Officiel, Numéro Berlin & Netherlands, ODDA, ODDEH, Porsche, Sleek, Vogue Germany, Zalando, and Zeit Magazin.

We are thrilled to present you Chisom Abuba, aka WHITECASTING, in an interview here on GoSee.

When did you come up with the idea of organizing...

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TRANSPORTATION PHILIPP RUPPRECHT presents the BUGATTI Chiron L’Ultime – the last Chiron on GoSee

11.06.2024 • L’Ultime, a French word meaning the very last one, is the 500th and, therefore, last of its kind – the incomparable Bugatti Chiron Super Sport. The spectacular paint job was designed in a collaborative effort between the owner and the Bugatti team as part of Bugatti’s Sur Mesure customization program. Bugatti President Christophe Piochon described the Chiron L’Ultime as a “bespoke work of art… that captures a defining legacy.”

GoSee Member PHILIPP RUPPRECHT staged the elegant model : “Presenting our visual tribute to the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport: a hypercar that has been setting the benchmark for performance and innovation since 2016. This final edition by the name of L’Ultime is more than a mere car – it’s a celebration of Bugatti’s legacy.

Our team captured the essence of this remarkable vehicle, highlighting the unique design that features handwritten inscriptions smoothly fading from Atlantic Blue into French Racing Blue. This subtle gradient pays homage to the places where the Chiron has made its mark over the years.”


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FILM ‘UN-PLAQUED’ – Director HEIKO RICHARD presents you the director’s cut plus the image campaign for PHILIPS Sonicare featuring actor Matthias Schweighöfer

10.06.2024 • Un-Plaqued – The commercial once again advertises the Philips Sonicare range, the electric toothbrush entrusted by none other than actor Matthias Schweighöfer. The witty commercial was filmed by Director HEIKO RICHARD, who was also responsible for the image campaign. Brand ambassador Matthias Schweighöfer was supported during the film shoot by fellow actress Jaela Probst.

“Matthias Schweighöfer plays himself on a commercial shoot for Philips Sonicare. Again and again, he pitches extraordinary ideas for the product – much to the despair of the director….” Heiko Richard, the director, tells us tongue slightly in cheek. It’s a good thing there are product demos….

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