24.11.2020  •  Film NEWS


‘The Origin’ – the new clothing line by RIPIN RACING, presented in an action-packed launch film by Director Harald SCHAACK c/o TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT, shot in Spain, Düsseldorf and Berlin



DOP: Alejandro Gomez
Client: Ripin Racing
Advertising Agency: 10 CTD
Sound Design: Moritz Staub
Photographer: HARALD SCHAACK c/o Tobias Bosch Fotomanagement
Light Designers : Thorben Winkler, Felix

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THE ORIGIN project for RIPIN RACING by Director Harald SCHAACK c/o TOBIAS BOSCH showcases the new clothing line of the upcoming racewear brand and its drive to the sheer impossible (DOP: Alejandro Gomez, Ex. Prod.: Marco Breidenbach, Producer: Jordi Esmo, dit / drone: Denis Sokolowski, Light Designers: Throben Winkler, Felix, Sound: Moritz Staub, Colorist: Moritz Bastian & gipsupport.tv.).

“Our first ORIGIN collection is meant to symbolize the origin of RIPIN RACING. Our launch film shows that the new is always waiting for us, enticing and challenging us. We worked on a total of five different scenes, all of which are at the core of the Origin concept, how it all began… Over the course of seven days, our crew was busy 24/7 in Spain and in the cities of Berlin and Düsseldorf. We embarked on a trip to film the first scene for the launch of the Origin collection. A team of fifteen, we fought our way through thick fog to get to the heartland of Spain.

Four bikers in the desert who journey together into the unknown. The four drivers gave it everything they’ve got: maneuvers, jumps, and hill climbs. Even the driver of the Black Car camera car worked up quite a sweat since the sand clouds certainly didn’t make his life any easier – but the photos turned out all the better...” The complete report is available via RIPIN RACING, and we have the film for you here on GoSee.

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