24.03.2020  •  Film NEWS


RECOM FILM offers full-CG solutions and an extensive backplate archive with HDRIs & motion content for secure productions on the computer ... and presents a first teaser for their full-CG movie for CF MOTO


RECOM FILM : CF Moto - Trailer - FULL-CGI

Director: Andreas Justus Burz / recomFILM
DOP: Roman Müllegger
Client: CF Moto
Advertising Agency: KISKA
Creative Director: Rouven Steinke
Editing: Alex Schuster / recomFILM
Sound Design: Marvin Keil
Music: Stephan Schelens
FULL-CG Production: recomFILM

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“The whole industry is struggling because of the Corona virus. Traveling as well as on-set shoots became almost impossible and simply dangerous. Does your production have to be cancelled because of Corona? We know; your product still has to be released on time and the virus is no excuse for any delay. Don’t panic – RECOM is still at work!

We know how to produce your film and still images on time – without any shooting or on-set production. We offer a wide range of full-CG solutions or access to our huge backplate archive with thousands of HDRIs and motion content. Everything absolutely secure due to our TISAX certificate.

One of our latest projects: a full-CG movie we did for CF Moto just got released. Here is a small teaser for the film we will post very soon: Stay healthy – stay home!”

CFMOTO is one of the most popular brands for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs or quads) in the DACH region. Whether for professional use in agriculture, for hunting, by aid organizations, for winter services, or just to have fun.