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ILLUSTRATION Fresh, sassy, bold & up-to-the-minute… we present you works by illustrator Clara BERLINSKI c/o CAROLINESEIDLER.COM on GoSee.News

01.02.2024 • Illustrator Clara BERLINSKI c/o CAROLINE SEIDLER.COM is fresh, sassy, bold and always up-to-the-minute with her visualizations. Her clear visual language and strong colors regularly bring her animation projects for tutorials. Skilled in her craft, she gives explainer videos their very own look.

The portfolio of Clara Berlinski is marked by a narrative and critical approach to topics with clear and compact visualizations. Always allowed: tongue firmly in cheek.

One of her striking new works is ‘Words Can Be Weapons’ for the platform ‘Buddy 4 You’, which was also awarded, by the way, at ADC EUROPE, as well as ‘Onkel Hermann’ for the German Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.

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ILLUSTRATION The MAXIMA yearly horoscope and more work by illustrator Christina MÜHLHÖFER c/o CAROLINESEIDLER.COM

01.02.2024 • CAROLINE SEIDLER tells us about her illustrator Christina MÜHLHÖFER : “Her style is marked predominately by thoroughly thought-through compositions, proportions and perspectives. She makes topics her own for a more thrilling read. You’ll find lovely, friendly, and frontal works in her portfolio – at times brimming and at others simplistic. Skilled flawless craftsmanship is her foundation for limitless experimentation.

At first glance, her visualizations might even seem realistic. Strong portraits reflect what Christina Mühlhöfer is most passionate about: illustration. A talent she combines professionally with a deep understanding of whatever the brief demands for clients in the areas of communication, advertising and design.”

Her latest work is presented here including the MAXIMA yearly horoscope for RG Publishing and a book cover for Brandstätter Publishing as well as ongoing projects for MSD, Doctors Without Borders, Erdgeschoss, Style in Progress, …

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31.01.2024 • DARIA KUVAKINA was born in 1991 in the Russian city of Arkhangelsk. She once studied Architecture in St. Petersburg as well as in Hamburg, where she also lives today. Since 2023, she has been on the team of the Ambassador of Illustration – and is dedicated entirely, of course, to illustration.

Before that, though, Daria studied Architecture at the HCU Hamburg and worked as an architect for seven years. Her first shot at self-fulfillment put her on the path to discovering her one true calling – illustration.

Her portfolio is marked by impressive illustration: lines, colors, light and shadows. Positive and friendly, ready for a broad range of requirements with regard to content and technique in the area of illustration and animation. Character development has meanwhile become a strong suit – upon request gladly with a pinch of humor. Thematic compositions : her visualizations are full of rich detail and easy to understand.

Her personified animals or animal characters are particularly appreciated by banks and insurances. Lines are reduced to create icons. “The former architect’s keen...

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ILLUSTRATION Graphic designer, foodstylist, chef, … CAROLINE SEIDLER is delighted to welcome her equally cosmopolitan and versatile NEW entry : illustrator KARIM BLANC from Vienna

31.01.2024 • KARIM BLANC, the gentleman with the red cap, the illustrator with the culinary knack. His compositions are analytic, witty, and critical in terms of content. Homogenous in color and far from boring. Never afraid to flex an artistic style now and again – if that’s what the client requests.

Karim Blanc was born in Iran as the child of French expats and has lived in Algeria, Burkina Faso, Lebanon, Norway, Canada, and France. He has been living in Vienna for twelve years, where he started a family. Since April 2023, he has been broadening the illustrative bandwidth at the Ambassador of Illustration.

Guided by the visual arts (painting, drawing, engraving) ever since studying at art school in Aix en Provence, France, and at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada, he worked as a graphic designer in Montreal in the 1990s, an interior designer in the south of France in 2000, and as a chef and foodstylist in Vienna in 2010, before finally devoting himself mainly to digital illustration.

A focus of his visual work is on collages. He skillfully crafts multilayered compositions using...

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ILLUSTRATION People suspended in moments of transient stillness and introspection – illustrations full of emotive beauty by Peter GEHRMAN c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO

13.12.2023 • Peter Gehrman is an illustrator and interior architect based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He was born in 1990 in the countryside in the south and received his BFA from the Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design. After graduating, he worked as an interior designer before starting to work full-time as a professional illustrator.

In his soft, almost airbrushed style, he often explores topics such as relationships, memories and our inner worlds. Within the scenes depicted in Peters illustrations, we encounter people suspended in moments of transient stillness and introspection, often surrounded by a world which is not standing still – leaves and petals flying turbulently around them as if in a storm, within the sharp lines of interiors and buildings.

“Peter’s experience as an interior designer has a clear impact on his illustrations. Even if buildings don’t appear in his artwork themselves, his use of lines, curves, light and shadow carefully guides the viewer’s gaze on a journey across the image, telling a story or setting a mood without making them consciously aware of their role....

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