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MODEL ‘The Sticks’ LAMPOON MAG editorial with Madeleine Fischer c/o ICONIC

22.11.2023 • Roman GOEBEL c/o SHOTVIEW had Madeleine Fischer c/o ICONIC in front of his camera for LAMPOON MAG. Casting was in the hands of Eli Xavier, with hair & makeup by THE BALIGANS c/o BIGOUDI. Set design: Rebecca Martin.


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MODEL ‘The Architecture of the Clothing’ – VOGUE POLSKA Special with SMILLA Herbst c/o ICONIC

21.11.2023 • In a shoot for VOGUE POLSKA, photographer Borys Synak and stylist Olivia Kijo confronted the geometric trend of the 2023 Fall/Winter collection with the post-modern architecture of Berlin. Model SMILLA Herbst c/o ICONIC posed for the photographer.

Diverse textures, shapes and materials blended with a post-modern architecture inspired the team to take a trip to Berlin. A minimalist approach to the colorway using only a monochrome palette was chosen to display conceptual clothing in an urban context, the photographer explains in an interview with Vogue.


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MODEL Who is in charge? - Male model Giovanni STELLA c/o BRODYBOOKINGS with an electric charge in the spot for MERCEDES-BENZ

23.10.2023 • Easy as that – thanks to plug & play. Maximilian Rieck directed the spot for the innovative and flexible charging solution Charging System Pro for the client MBCS, aka Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions.

The executive agency was FischerAppelt, and in front of his camera was smart male model Giovanni STELLA c/o BRODYBOOKINGS.

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MODEL ICONIC Chiara x VOGUE Arabia - three motifs for you on GoSee.News

17.10.2023 • Alvaro Gracia photographed Italian top model Chiara SCELSI c/o ICONIC in an evening gown for VOGUE Arabia. The half-Brazilian beauty was styled by Enol Blasco, with makeup by Samia Mohsein and hair by Flavio Santillo.

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