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Photographers • NEW at GoSee : CYRIL MASSON, photographer and director from Paris; we present you his FIFA 22 campaign featuring soccer superstar Kylian Mbappe

23.09.2021 • French soccer player Kylian Mbappé Lottin is a striker and is currently under contract with Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1. The player in the starting lineup of the French national team won the World Championship in 2018 at the age of nineteen and was also chosen as the best young player of the tournament. EA SPORTS writes : “Bondy’s wunderkind returns to the cover of FIFA 22 after another record season at PSG. Mbappé ended last season as the youngest player in Ligue 1 history to be chosen as the top scorer for the third consecutive time. This is our cover star.”

For the latest FIFA 22 campaign, the uber-soccer player was photographed by CYRIL MASSON for EA SPORTS. The executive agency was Cinco Design with CD Terence Hobson. Due to the player’s extremely tight schedule, they only had a very short window for the production, and that of all things on a cold and windy, rainy day. As it happens, Kylian and Cyril had already worked together successfully in the past so that their good chemistry helped deliver the desired result – despite adverse weather conditions.

For Cyril Masson, the...

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Photographers • ‘Debora Dance’ featuring dancer, model and candidate of The Bachelor 2021, Debora Goulart – photos by Tobias Habermann with styling by Tomislav BLAIC c/o NINA KLEIN

22.09.2021 • RTL writes about beautiful Debora : “To fulfill her dreams, 24-year-old Debora is willing to risk quite a lot. At the age of sixteen, she already demonstrated a great deal of courage when she moved from Brazil to Germany alone to become a professional dancer. Without speaking a word of German, she made her way and soon became self-employed. Today, she gives ballet classes for children and also works as a successful model.” We present her on GoSee.NEWS photographed by Tobias Habermann with styling by Tomislav BLAIC c/o NINA KLEIN. GoSee : &

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Photographers • NEW! Lifestyle, travel & people photographer Grant HARDER c/o MAKING PICTURES from Vancouver with a portfolio on GoSee

21.09.2021 • After MAKING PICTURES opened a further office in Vancouver in addition to its first in London, the team now welcomes an exciting new photographer on board from the Canadian metropolis: Grant HARDER c/o MAKING PICTURES.

“When photographing portraits, environments and still life, Grant prefers to meet his subject matter, often literally, at the point where human existence intersects with nature. Grant looks for calm, quiet and honest moments that reflect how he sees the world of light, shadow and form, always working from a place of respect and appreciation for others and the planet. Grant lives in Vancouver, BC, with his wife and two children. When Grant is not working, he enjoys camping with his family and sleeping in the pop top of the family VW – but the van is usually with his mechanic so this does not happen nearly as often as he would like…”

Among his clients are A+E, Airbnb, Air France, Bon Appetit, Canada Goose, Destination BC, Dwell, Hudson’s Bay Company, Lululemon, Monocle, NUVO, Outside Magazine, Roots, Smithsonian Magazine, TD Bank, Telegraph Magazine, The New Yorker,...

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Photographers • DORNSCHILD men’s vests seen by FRANK LÜBKE Photography, the new Fall/Winter ‘21 collection now in stores

21.09.2021 • The new campaign for DORNSCHILD men’s vests is all about the slogan ‘RAW’. Which is why FRANK LÜBKE’s photos were created in the boiler house of a shut down factory : “One of the very special shoot locations you look forward to as a photographer because a new motif can be created in really every inch of the place.” Dornschild seen by Frank Lübke Photography.

The Munich-based design manufacturer DORNSCHILD, founded in 2013 by Jörn Boysen and Michael Ostermayer, created a genre that shows the theme of vests in a new light for the men’s fashion world that is modern and yet timeless. Hardly any other garment can be used and combined in so many ways and creates an attractive look in no time at all.

And DORNSCHILD is uncompromising : Because a vest back made of lining is taboo, buckles for adjusting the size have been set almost entirely on the sides and concealed. What’s more, the shoulders are wider, and the silhouettes have a narrower cut, giving them a particularly masculine appearance. That’s why at DORNSCHILD, vests are referred to as sleeveless jackets. GoSee : &

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Photographers • Pool & Bike featuring Carlos A. Flores – personal work by photographer MARC TRAUTMANN

20.09.2021 • Photographer and director MARC TRAUTMANN is an expert for automotive and CGI. And that he is equally skilled in the areas of fashion, people and lifestyle is what his clients love about him. His talent for creating the perfect environment, his expertise in all things cinematic and surreal as well as his keen eye for architectural structures enable him to ultimately take photos that tell stories.

“This ocean swimmer and bike spread was photographed in the port and ocean pool in Barcelona. The swimmer was cast on the streets of Barcelona a few days before the shoot.” Marc tells us. “Big thanks to @carlosfloresp and @hlenazz for coming to the #oceanpool at 5.30am !”

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