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09.03.2023 • “Using powerful shadows and bold composition, photographer Jana Clevé plays with textures to capture model Beatriz Ronda.” FREDA+WOOLF. Hair & makeup by Linda Sigg.

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SHOP RADIANT – personal work by photographer JANA EDISONGA

06.03.2023 • When a meteorite enters the Earth’s atmosphere and burns up due to friction from the air, it causes a streak of light, which is generally referred to as a meteor or falling star. When several meteors in a meteor shower seem to come from one spot in the sky, this spot is called the radiant point, or simply the radiant, in astronomy.

“It’s basically about the energy and dynamics of light. The glittering styles of the models are reminiscent of the Space Age looks of the 60s. Science fiction meets disco style !” JANA EDISONGA, photographer and director, lets us know.

Casting was contributed by Tamara Sarischwili, and the models came from IZAIO and VIVA Models. Hair & makeup by Astrid Scheppan.

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SHOP ‘Posters Can Help’ – SLANTED PUBLISHERS presents its heartfelt project on GoSee.News

27.02.2023 • The team from Slanted Publishers is extremely delighted to announce the publication of its project straight from the heart, the significance of which has increased even more due to the beginning of the Ukraine war almost exactly one year ago: “Posters Can Help.”

With a global call, SLANTED invited the design community to contribute with a piece of artwork and a donation. 434 people from all corners of the globe have participated in this project, and nearly 700 posters were submitted. The result is a colorful potpourri of posters, each and every one a demonstration of compassionate commitment and an act of kindness – in the truest sense of the word!

All proceeds from the submitted works have been donated to ARTHELPS and MSF – Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors Without Borders. Any profits remaining after covering the costs of printing the book will also be donated to these organizations. So let’s hope that all books will soon be sold!

The thread-stitched softcover book is made complete by a special section: Three interviews with the Ukrainian designers Olga Andrieieva, Jakub...

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SHOP JOSHUA TREE - stock photo agency MAGROUND presents a new photo production, shot at the famous Californian national park Joshua Tree

08.02.2023 • “We are excited to share our latest collection of photographs from Joshua Tree National Park with you. Captured with a medium format camera, these 275 shots showcase the natural beauty of the park in stunning lighting conditions.

From majestic landscapes to unique rock formations, these backplates and HDR images are of the highest quality. We hope they will inspire your next creative project and make your work a cut above the rest.” MAGROUND.

Take a look at their website to see the complete collection and experience the beauty of Joshua Tree for yourself. We present you a first glimpse here on GoSee.News.

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