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SHOP Just Outside the City of Hamburg … – personal work by photographer Florian BISON c/o EMEIS DEUBEL

22.07.2024 • “Florian Bison shot personal work in the beautiful surroundings of Hamburg. What had initially been planned as a story full of sunny vibes turned out to be a bit more on the moody autumn side since the summer can’t seem to decide if it’s coming or going,” EMEIS DEUBEL.

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15.07.2024 • “Azulmalin Jewellery is inspired by great modernist sculptors of the 20th century, channeling raw and organic abstractions. Azulmalin is driven by the vision of creating timeless jewelry that will last for generations. Pieces that preserve their design, and if tarnished, only become more beautiful,” Designer Malin Henningsson tells us.

For AZULMALIN, Maciek MILOCH c/o STILLSTARS photographed the latest collection. Styling was in the hands of Magdalena Lindstedt.

The silver sculptures are manufactured through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. Because the idea is that Silver should be felt by the one who is wearing it. Azulmalin believes that the imperfections, the roughness around the edges are what generate beauty.”

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SHOP ATHIENG’ – personal work by beauty specialist PER APPELGREN

25.06.2024 • PER APPELGREN photographed new beauty visuals together with model Athieng Bul, makeup artist Naomzz, hairstylist Diego Fragile, stylist Joana Zibat, with retouch by Jan Wischermann and casting by WHITECASTING. It was produced at Meta Studio in Berlin.

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SHOP ‘Lucid Air in Tokyo’ – a personal project by MARC TRAUTMANN

04.06.2024 • In the world of visual culture today, the lines between real and digital are becoming increasingly blurred. This is particularly remarkable when traditional photography is juxtaposed with the possibilities of CGI and artificial intelligence.

Tokyo, a cosmopolitan city known for both its traditional culture and modern architecture, served as the ideal setting for this photo series. Backplates were photographed across the various districts of Tokyo and form the real, tangible component.

They range from the bustling streets of Shibuya, to quiet suburbs, and even the ultra-modern skyscrapers of Shinjuku – capturing a variety of scenarios, thus enabling the entire breadth and depth the digital world has to offer. Which, of course, the POP. team promptly put to paper, or rather pixel, adding the car using CGI and the talent with AI.

With the resulting images, Marc Trautmann and the POP. team show Tokyo not only in all its complex beauty; they also demonstrate the sheer infinite possibilities that arise when traditional photography meets cutting-edge technology.

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