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TRANSPORTATION The new BMW M3, photographed by Felix ALIBERTI c/o SEVERIN WENDELER for Media.Monks Berlin

24.07.2024 • Felix ALIBERTI c/o SEVERIN WENDELER photographed the new BMW M3, the latest edition of the storied model series.

The new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M3 Touring are prime examples of the performance and everyday practicality long established as hallmarks of vehicles from BMW M. The global launch of all variants, built at the BMW Group plant in Munich, is beginning with a production phase-in in July 2024. The most important sales regions for the BMW M3 Sedan are the USA, China, Great Britain, Australia, and Germany.

Client: BMW / BMW M
Production: Media.Monks
Advertising Agency: Media.Monks
Post Production: Media.Monks
Styling: Saskia Schmidt
Model: Kyle Umemba
Photographer: Felix Aliberti c/o Severin Wendeler
Service Production Company: 2.0 FILM

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TRANSPORTATION SÉBASTIEN STAUB stages the new DACIA DUSTER for Publicis Conseil against the natural backdrop of South Africa

23.07.2024 • A true success story with more than two million owners worldwide, the new Duster is here in its third generation featuring an assertive design, renowned off-road capabilities – and is still just as versatile. For the first time, the Duster is built with a hybrid powertrain boasting 140 PS.

To realize the campaign, Publicis Conseil commissioned the international transportation photographer SÉBASTIEN STAUB, who staged the new model in South Africa for images full of atmosphere. Production was in the hands of Prodigious with creative retouch by ARQ Studios.

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TRANSPORTATION Tech Magic with the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X – photographed by BAM, a.k.a BEN & MARTIN

23.07.2024 • Tech Magic – With the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X, the BMW Group grants a first glimpse of an SAV (sports activity vehicle) based on the fully-electric architecture of the Neue Klasse.

To realize the various launch campaigns and SoMe motifs, THE GAME commissioned photography powerhouse BEN AND MARTIN, a.k.a BAM. For our GoSee Transportation Special in June, BAM already presented a first selection of photos from the 14-day shoot. They now have even more thrilling imagery with the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X for us.

Together with the creatives from THE GAME, Team BMW and production company Sterntag, it was off to Spain for the shoot. The result is a fresh, confidently stylish mix full of atmosphere – staging the innovative lifestyle flair and premium character of the Vision Neue Klasse X in emotive visuals.

BMW on the automobile of the future : “The experience in the interior of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X is truly fascinating thanks to display surfaces, light, and sound paired with select materials and colors. Carefully coordinated and interlocking. Upon opening the door, passengers are...

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