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featured by Emeis Deubel : ‘NOMADIC FREEDOM’ the CAMEL ACTIVE S/S ‘21 campaign, photographed by Autumn SONNICHSEN c/o EMEIS DEUBEL for Donkey Communications in Brazil

Summer styles of casual jackets, to cargo shorts or even summer sandals: The CAMEL ACTIVE S/S collection made of natural and durable materials is made for day to day life full of adventure. CAMEL ACTIVE commissioned Autumn SONNICHSEN c/o EMEIS DEUBEL to photograph part of the Spring/Summer ‘21 campaign in Brazil, which the fashion photographer calls her home.

The creative concept came from advertising and design agency Donkey Communication, which has accompanied CAMEL ACTIVE for fifteen years on its way from a very masculine brand for adventurers to becoming a leading supplier of casual outdoor clothing. Production was in the hands of GoSee Member NORTH SOUTH PRODUCTIONS with local support from Lucia Coimbra from GoSee Member TWO PALM PRODUCTIONS.

“Adventure and outdoor are still the mainstays of Camel Active. Our campaigns tell stories of new places. Of adventures big and small, which we encounter every day if we go through life with our eyes wide open. We’re not talking about expeditions to the Himalaya, but about experiences and desires that we can all relate to,” says the team from Donkey.

Originally from Los Angeles, Autumn SONNICHSEN moved to Paris, then to Berlin, before making Brazil her base. The lush light and landscapes there still captivate the photographer and music video director, whose favorite subjects include singers, rappers, ballet dancers, Iron Man triathletes, and her goddaughter. This diversity of subjects is something she really appreciates about her work: “You can live a lot of different lives, in just one week.”
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featured by Severin Wendeler : XPLORA - the easy-peasy door to a digital life with lifestyle & kids motifs by BEATRICE HEYDIRI C/O SEVERIN WENDELER

Full of energy and feel-good vibes best describes the motifs by BEATRICE HEYDIRI c/o SEVERIN WENDELER, which she realized in her home away from home Cape Town for XPLORA. Production was in the hands of GoSee Member NORTH SOUTH.

XPLORA was founded with the aim of opening the door to life in the digital world for children and giving them a better balance between the time spent in front of the screen and physical activity. This has become more and more important over the past years because the increasing time spent in front of the screen by children and their inactivity have become a rapidly growing global issue.

The XPLORA platform connects all family members. You can use an assortment of children’s watches (X5 Play, XGO2, X4 and Activity Band), other smartwatches or activity trackers by Apple, Fitbit etc., or just use a smartphone to join…
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featured by Deichmann SE : UNIQUE & UNITED II: the brand sneaker campaign by DEICHMANN for more community and love by Director Valentin Petit, Photographer Nadia von Scotti and Exec. CD Marcel Nawrath on GoSee

In the sequel to UNIQUE & UNITED for S/S 2021, DEICHMANN has staged its brand sneakers (Adidas, Nike, Puma, Fila, Asics, and Reebok) in an emotional campaign, banking on a big slogan: ‘Together is better’. The Europe-wide campaign emphasizes what an important role the community plays. The 156-second campaign film was realized by Director Valentin Petit. The clear message: The world needs love more than ever. “It’s about failure, about soul-searching, and compassion. But also about being there for one another in difficult times, and the incredible strength we gain from it,” says Marcel Nawrath, Head of Marketing at DEICHMANN. The photographer was Nadia von SCOTTI c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN, and it was produced by NORTH SOUTH PRODUCTIONS.

“We would like to inspire courage with this campaign and give people a good feeling. We have all had our fair share of failure, and moments at rock bottom. When we are encouraged with a little positive feedback, we feel like everything is possible again. Team spirit and compassion are ultimately what unite us. This is what we want to show with UNIQUE & UNITED II,” says Marcel Nawrath.

The viewer sees different protagonists. What they have in common are their individual fears and worries. At the finale of the campaign film, the protagonists regain top performance with new strength and courage, full of determination to come together as a community. To do so, the classic film ‘What The World Needs Now Is Love’ by Hal David and Burt Bacharach has been re-interpreted with a modern twist.

Like its predecessor, UNIQUE & UNITED II was created in house from the idea by and under the creative direction of Marcel Nawrath, Head of Marketing at DEICHMANN. Nawrath particularly emphasizes the co-creation with Bemo Lundgren from B33M Studio : “I appreciate his work as a creative very much. The dialogue and cooperation with him has been an integral part of developing the campaign.” But also the individual street and agency cast of models, dancers, skaters, bikers, professional and extreme athletes underscores DEICHMANN’s commitment to its campaign claim: We are all unique & united.
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