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news featured by SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT 'The Brunch Club' - the sequel to an 80s teen movie as editorial for VOGUE PORTUGAL with styling by Elena PSALTI c/o SHOTVIEW

VOGUE PORTUGAL has just published ‘The Brunch Club’ as a modern sequel to classic teen movie ‘The Breakfast Club’(1985). It was photographed by An Le, with styling taken care of by Elena PSALTI c/o SHOTVIEW. Creative Direction was in the hands of An Le and Victoria Pavon, in a production by NOW OPEN.

The spread appeared in ‘Silly Season’ of summer issue The [Un]Popular Issue’ – an absolutely safe zone, in which unpopularity is neither judged nor devalued and popularity can be questioned,” says Editor in Chief of Lighthouse Publishing and Co-Owner Sofia Lucas.

VOGUE: “It's The Breakfast Club (1985), revised and augmented. A sequel to the famous 80s movie, if budget were an issue, the casting room was a last-minute-booked public pool and the location was a favor called in on the producer’s uncle. For everything else, well, there’s everything, in a 2.0 version designed for 2023. There’s the bad boy, the privileged, the athlete, the artist, the nerd and a series of other characters that...

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