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News // 14 News by Dominik Obertreis

DOMINIK OBERTREIS : Ads for MHL corporate law firm and Schmidt-Ohm + Partner, corporate photography for HÖRMANN (agency: Kochan & Partner) and Marquardt Medical (agency: KMS)

Created for leading corporate law firm MHL in cooperation with the agency Schmidt-Ohm + Partner (art direction: Sophie Hollmann/ consulting: Lena Knels) were new ad motifs to recruit new employees. On the job for hair & make-up was Claudia Wegener-Bracht.

Together with the agency Kochan & Partner (Art direction: Gerrit Hinkelbein / consulting, contact: Julia Puga), Dominik had the pleasure of putting together an image pool for Hörmann Automotive Saarbrücken GmbH. In Saarbrücken, Hörmann develops welding components as well as pipes for the agricultural machinery and utility vehicle industry but is also specialized in the assembly of interior systems for the bus industry. “I once again had very congenial employees in front of the camera – for a beautiful story from the world of heavy metals and flying sparks,” Dominik tells GoSee.

The family company Marquardt Medical in Spaichingen develops and produces implants for osteosynthesis. For the relaunch of the CD and website, I had the pleasure of photographing the simpatico company. I was very impressed by how beautiful the implants are – like little pieces of jewelry! Art direction came from Elke Marquardt for the agency KMS.
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DOMINIK OBERTREIS : So close to heaven with Deutsche Windtechnik AG – an offshore shoot with wind turbines in the North Atlantic, including preparations in climbing techniques and safety requirements

Deutsche Windtechnik AG is a specialist in the technical maintenance of wind turbines. Over 1800 employees ensure that the wind turbines operate reliably around the clock, both onshore and offshore, throughout Europe, Taiwan and the USA. Dominik OBERTREIS ascended to dizzying heights for the client and had to first go back to school and take a climbing course for wind turbines to do so.

“My third shoot for Deutsche Windtechnik was planned exactly one year ago. It was supposed to take place on wind turbines in Texas first and a bit later offshore in the North Atlantic. In order to meet the strict safety requirements, I had to participate for over a week in special training courses in the areas of rope technique, climbing technique, survival in water, and safety on wind turbines. Unfortunately, Corona postponed the shoot in the US at first until fall, but in Germany, I was able to climb wind turbines near Husum and in the North Atlantic this summer,” Dominik tells GoSee.

“Preparing for the offshore shoot was harder than I had imagined... The swelling waves of the North Atlantic, the weather, availability of teams for shoots, and access to the turbines was not easy to synchronize at all. When it finally got started, the “light” swell on the long boot ride to get there turned out to be the biggest challenge for me. It didn’t get better until I finally started to climb the ladder of the wind turbine. It was the most remote and impressive place I have ever photographed. And I have complete respect for the workers who do their special job there come rain or shine. Texas is now on the agenda for the after Easter. I guess, we will see.”

The main focus of Dominik’s work is on staged and journalistic advertising photography. His works have received multiple World Press Awards, and Dominik is just as much at home in loud and gritty factory halls as he is in the executive boardroom. No matter where he photographs, he skillfully uses his talent for improvisation to create sceneries which have little in common with reality. The people person that he is, his subjects strike simple and natural poses for his camera as if they did nothing else every day.
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DOMINIK OBERTREIS : Corporate photography for FRIED Plastics Technology and the agency Werbung etc., HERMA Labels & Self-adhesive Technology and Robatherm Air handling Systems

The family business FRIED develops and produces precision technical parts made of plastic – from the product idea until the start of production. For several global market leaders, the company develops made-to-measure solutions with plastic – premium quality Made in Germany. For the new corporate image pool, Dominik photographed all departments and was thrilled about the simpatico employees and executives who posed for the camera just like professional models. Creative direction was in the hands of Hans Jürgen Fein from the agency Werbung etc.

Dominik had yet another successful Swabian family business steeped in tradition in front of his lens with HERMA. The specialist for self-adhesive technology was an extraordinary inspiration for Dominik – who was thrilled above all by the employees and the tasteful premises. The result is an entirely successful reportage all about labels and adhesive materials.

For his loyal long-year client ROBATHERM, Dominik also had employees in front of his camera and photographed a further series for the corporate image pool.
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