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news Robin Hinsch ‘WAHALA’ : a photographic root cause analysis of the system of fossil capitalism and social ruthlessness – an exhibition by PAVLOV’S DOG Berlin

PAVLOV’S DOG is presenting the project ‘Walhala’ by Robin Hinsch at Treptow Atelier’s in Berlin from 2 through 5 July, 2021. The Hamburg-based photographer, who studied Photography under Prof. Elger Esser and Ute Mahler, traveled to the places where oil and gas, brown coal and hard coal are extracted from the earth – to where the fuels that drive the global economy are drilled and mined. His photos expose the methods of exploitation behind the extraction of fossil fuels and document that there is no difference in principle between the destruction of the environment and violence against people.

Robin Hinsch : “Covering 70,000 sq km (27,000 sq miles) of wetlands, the Niger Delta was formed primarily by sediment deposition. The region is home to more than thirty million people and 40 different ethnic groups, making up 7.5% of Nigeria’s total land mass. It used to boast an incredibly rich ecosystem, containing one of the highest concentrations of biodiversity on the planet, before the...

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