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Speed, Speed, Speed - the BMW S1000R photographed by PETER SCHREIBER PHOTODESIGN for Track

#NeverStopChallenging. For the shoot of the BMW S1000R motorcycle, Chris Pfeiffer was at the wheel of the country road rocket, multiple World Streetbike Freestyle Champion and winner of the Erzberg Rodeo. PETER SCHREIBER stood behind the camera : “Bringing together all of the animalistic power of the new BMW S1000R with an incredible stunt driver are the ingredients for photos like this! Thanks to Tillman Bros for the great production outside Munich.”
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Bikes, Bikes, Bikes - PETER SCHREIBER photographs a BMW Special for Ramp magazine

“Shooting prototypes on open streets is always an incredible challenge for the production company (thanks to Maro Kokovic from Bamh Productions and his great team who blocked even main highways in the middle of Rijeka!) Once the road was blocked, me and the whole team had about three minutes to achieve a few full-speed runs! Still amazed at how all of us turned out after shooting the whole night through...”
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VW ID4 all-electric vehicle - photographed by PETER SCHREIBER in the Hyperbowl Munich

“Shooting at the Hyperbowl Studio in Munich is always a highlight for me. Using the 360-degree LED projection makes shooting silhouettes like this a walk in the park… Thanks to everyone who helped to bring out the fine design of the new VW ID4 all-electric vehicle.”
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