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Johannes MINK c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER photographed for LUFTHANSA and DDB. Art buying was in the hands of Behind the Scenes with Kimberly Bianchi and Kamila Kölling. In charge of creation was CD Judith Safavi-Hir and Senior AD Olli Lenz. Advertised with ‘Great Freedom’ is the luxurious legroom. It was produced by Lutz Hegenbarth and Philip Ostendorf with styling by Stephanie Franzius.

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featured by Jan Steinhilber : JAN STEINHILBER photographed the PORSCHE CAYENNE Platinum Edition for Grabarz & Partner

JAN STEINHILBER was commissioned by PORSCHE and Grabarz & Partner to photograph the PORSCHE CAYENNE Platinum Edition on the streets of Berlin. “The goal was to create authentic urban environments with an interesting interplay of light and shadow,” the photographer tells GoSee. Production was in the hands of GoSee Member Claas Cropp Creative Productions, Creative Director was Tim Lehnebach, and the protagonists were styled by Stephanie Franzius.
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featured by Jan Steinhilber : ‘Composed with Passion’ : JAN STEINHILBER photographs the PORSCHE Panamera Platinum Edition with Grabarz & Partner and Claas Cropp Creative Production in Berlin

The Panamera Platinum Edition is the result of passion and enthusiasm. If you ask PORSCHE, it’s the perfect blend of tried-and-trusted favorite features and exclusive design highlights : “Composed with Passion”. JAN STEINHILBER had the pleasure of shooting the high-class model. Together with Creative Director Tim Lehnebach from Grabarz & Partner (Art Buyer : Gilles Kintziger), Berlin was chosen as the perfect backdrop for the new Panamera Platinum Edition.

“The goal was to show the car in authentic and unstaged urban surroundings, which was achieved with the support of Berlin locals Claas Cropp Creative Production, stylist Stephanie Franzius and hair & make-up artist Anna Kürner. Post production and CGI were handled with routined expertise and plenty of passion by Dock2 Studios in Hamburg,” the photographer tells us.
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