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featured by ART ACT : What type of reader are you? - Victoria CICHON c/o ART ACT illustrates various reader types for PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE NY

Reading concerns all of us. From days at school to old age, reading accompanies us both as an activity for leisure time and as an aid in acquiring information and knowledge. The various reader types were illustrated by Victoria CICHON c/o ART ACT for PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE NY. The result: Eleven prototypes of typical readers – from students to parents or even intellectuals. She also animated several of the illustrations in a small GIF.

Penguin Random House based in New York City is the world’s largest book publishing company. It was formed in 2013 through the merger of Random House and Penguin Books. The company belongs to the German media conglomerate Bertelsmann. Penguin Random House is mainly present in the English- and Spanish-speaking world.

The German subsidiary is the Penguin Random House publishing group with headquarters in Munich. The group consists of more than 250 individual publishing houses independently active in the market and launches more than 15,000 new releases each year.

Plus, we also present you two of her illustrations for Mpulse Magazine from METRO.

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featured by SRZ creative management : ‘In the Morning, A Pear Tree Grows’ – Benjamin ZIBNER c/o SRZ CREATIVE MANAGEMENT photographs author Fikri Anıl Altıntaş for PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE

Fikri Anıl Altıntaş is a freelance author and project manager from Berlin. He writes about masculinity/(ies), traditional roles, Orientalism, anti-feminism as well as (de)construction of migrant, Turkish-Muslim masculinity in Germany. Recently, his book ‘In the Morning, A Pear Tree Grows’ was published at Random House.

RANDOM HOUSE on the author and his book : “Fikri Anıl Altıntaş is growing up as the son of Turkish parents in a small town in Hesse. His father works as a Turkish teacher, his mother as a cleaner. It is a childhood in the midst of social housing blocks, marked by the urgent desire to be ‘German’ and the bitter disappointment with the reality in Germany.

The longing to be seen and to find his own way as a Turkish-Muslim man is constantly growing. In the process, it is above all his relationship with his father that ultimately confronts him with the question : What does masculinity mean at all and how can it be understood and lived beyond the clichés?

In the midst of entrenched narratives, Fikri Anıl Altıntaş searches for the nuances. Radically honest, he looks back at himself and his family history to better understand the present.”

The author portrait by Fikri Anıl Altıntaş was photographed by Benjamin ZIBNER c/o SRZ CREATIVE MGMT for Penguin Random House in Berlin.

Penguin Random House LLC is an Anglo-American multinational conglomerate publishing company, which was formed on 1 July, 2023, through the merger of the Penguin Group and Random House.

On 2 April, 2020, Bertelsmann announced the completion of its purchase of Penguin Random House, which had been announced in December 2019, by buying Pearson PLC’s 25% ownership of the company. With the purchase, Bertelsmann became the sole owner of Penguin Random House. Bertelsmann’s German-language publishing group Verlagsgruppe Random House will be completely integrated into Penguin Random House.

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