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About Punctum Images

Punctum Images is CGI and creative postproduction studio focused on creating astonishing and visually perfect images. Our team of enthusiastic professionals with strong photography background and endless passion is always ready to bring any visual idea to life with the help of the latest technologies. Whether we are talking about full CGI production with the highest level of photorealism, creative photography postproduction or look development.

We have international working experience which ensures great comprehension of any project no matter the scale. We are always keen to join the client’s team from the very beginning of each production process to help optimize the project workflow and guarantee the best possible results. The studio is based in Prague and we are always ready to join the production at any location worldwide.

Key people in the studio are Jakub Vlček, head of creativity and Tomáš Nádr, head of client service.

Our services:
CGI visual development, 3D modeling,
creative photography postproduction,
look development.